Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nurse Lucy and Museum adventures

Kate started feeling badly Thursday night, to the point that she got no sleep. By Friday morning she was a zombie with an earache and many, many tears. Lucy sat on the couch with her before school to try to make her feel better.
Nurse Lucy from Lisa on Vimeo.

A trip to the doctor revealed an ear infection (her first ever) so we dosed antibiotics. She threw up once at lunchtime but by Friday night she felt better and slept through the night. She woke up happy and chipper Saturday and since we had four free tickets to the Museum of Science and Industry (to be used only on that day) we decided to go, bringing the stroller just in case Kate needed it.

It was our first time at this museum and I have to say I am dutifully impressed. There is so much to see and do...we only just scraped the surface.

This shows where your body is hot (red, yellow) and where it is cold (blue, green).

Notice the throbbing red temples on me? My only complaint about the museum is that it is SO LOUD. EVERYWHERE it seemed.  The worst is this enormous blast of horn that sounds everytime they fire up the lightening. It's almost painful.
We got to the chick hatchery right as a baby chick was making its grand entrance into the world.

And here they are after a wash and blowdry...
To our surprise, a second egg started quivering and another chick was stealing the show.
The girls were glued to this spot for almost 20 minutes.
We learned about wind.

A giant hamster wheel was difficult for them to get moving.

This is called Mind Ball and really surprised us with the outcome. They place electrodes on your head that measures your brain activity. The goal is to calm your mind and thus, move the ball in the middle to your opponent's circle, winning the game. Kate settled right in, put her head down and closed her eyes. The ball immediately started moving towards Lucy. And then Lucy rallied, closed her eyes and the ball went back to the center. Lucy was never able to move it to Kate's side but Kate was also never able to get it completely into Lucy's circle. It was a draw. They are both either equally stressed or equally zen.
We headed home in the afternoon and both girls conked out in the car but it was not enough rest to help them wake up happy. Both were pretty irritable but Kate was downright miserable, as she normally is after a nap. The evening sucked. Kate didn't eat anything and I barely got antibiotics into her. I did bath and stories with her early and just as I turned out the light to sing she said, "I think I'm throwing up." Clicked the light back on...puke and more puke. All over the bed, her, the rug. Back into the bath while Len (bless his heart) cleaned up her room. She slept through the night though and woke up happy. She's still not eating much but is drinking water so we're not pushing it. Today is sunny and cool so the girls are getting a bit of fresh air on a walk around the block with Len. Fingers crossed for no more puke!

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