Sunday, October 27, 2013

YiaYia and Pappou visit

I'm sad to report that Kate is still fighting off some sort of cold. She missed school again on Friday and has been up and down with her fever over the entire weekend. Fortunately she has not repeated the highest temp of 102 but she is still lingering in the 100 range, mostly in the late afternoon and on into bedtime. Her fever breaks mid-morning and we have a few good hours but she plummets steadily as the day wears on. As of tonight, no fever but she was begging to go to bed at 5pm so we plied her with soup and got her into bed by 5:30.

Backing up to Friday...even though Kate stayed home from school, she was feeling well enough to go to a special Daddy/Child night at their school that evening. Len snapped a picture and although it is quite blurry, it conveys the love the girls have for their teacher, Ms. Xiang.
Unfortunately, that hour at school did her in and she was running a fever again by the time we got her home and into bed.

Saturday we had the pleasure of a visit from YiaYia and Pappou, in from D.C. The girls were excited to see them again, especially since we were going trick or treating on Clark Street.

Lucy is a puppy and Kate is a kitty, in case that wasn't obvious.

 We met up with their Josephine, Jon and Ben on our way.

We had planned to go to the Fall Festival as well but Kate was really not feeling well enough for that. Lucy took over getting candy for both of them, telling shopkeepers, "My sister is sick so I'm getting candy for her."
Meanwhile, YiaYia was trying to ply her with chamomile tea.
 We cut the outing short and spent the rest of the afternoon snuggling and watching Tigger, A Movie.
With YiaYia's lap occupied, Lucy took over Pappou's lap.
 Ms. Julie came over later that evening so we could go out for a grownup dinner. We had the most spectacular dinner at Store Front Company.
Today was spent trying to recover. Len took Lucy to the park while Kate and I hung out at home. YiaYia and Pappou came over around lunchtime much to everyone's delight.

 A few gifts of books, shirts and fun toys was well received...
although Lucy's favorite was the snowman YiaYia made for her out of the tissue wrap.
Lucy decorated it with black and yellow. When I asked why she said it was, "Poopy and pee pee snow from dogs!" Yes, we are in a potty humor stage. It's fun. No really.

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