Friday, November 1, 2013

Heart Letter, Month 47

Dear Lucy,

You are 47 months old today. How is it that you are almost 4??
You are growing up so fast and are really coming into your own. You have surprised me several times this month with a more mature and articulate manner. You scream and whine less, you calm down faster and you are better able to express your feelings verbally than you ever have before. It is a welcome transformation!

The big event this month was a visit from YiaYia and Pappou. They both remarked on how much you have changed and how secure, confident and happy you are. 
You were thrilled when they came to your school, especially since you could introduce everyone to your bestie, Aleks.
You LOVE school. Every day you get up, eat, get dressed and happily greet the teachers as you go into school. You are completely exhausted by week's end (and, frankly, every day after school as well) but look forward to going back on Monday. Your favorite things are the field trips (this month you went to the Brookfield Zoo and the pumpkin patch) and painting. In fact, you come home nearly every day with some sort of paint on you. Unfortunately, you forgot to put on a smock on Halloween so your puppy looks like he was shot.
Fortunately, we went trick or treating the weekend before with YiaYia and Pappou so the bloody puppy wasn't an issue.

Kate was very sick on that day and you were worried that she wasn't going to get any candy so you asked if you could get candy for her. At first I thought, "Slick, kid. Very slick. "Yeah, sure I'll get it for her"." But no, you were sincere as you took her pumpkin and told each person that your sister was sick and could they please put candy in Kate's pumpkin too. When we were finished you handed Kate's pumpkin back to her and told her she got some good candy. 

YiaYia and Pappou did not come empty-handed and although you were excited by their gifts, you were most excited by the paper tissue the presents came wrapped in. 
 YiaYia saw your enthusiasm and proceeded to fashion the paper into a snowman which you gleefully decorated with black and yellow markers. When I asked about your color choices you explained that the snow was covered in dog poop and pee, all while cackling like a mad woman. You crack me up!
Recently we went shopping for a birthday gift for Zadie and I asked you and Kate what we should get. After walking through the toys for a bit you suddenly said, “Zadie really likes Spiderman so let’s get her that.” It was just such a thoughtful thing, both for you to notice what Zadie likes but also to remember it when it came time for gift-giving. And, super bonus for mama, you DID NOT ask me for anything for yourself! This is the absolute first time we have gone shopping when you did not badger me for something, ANYTHING. I am considering it an early Christmas present.

We had a few adventures this month including our first visit to the Museum of Science and Industry which you loved,
 and the circus which got mixed reviews.
You spent most of the time sitting in the back bleachers with Daddy because it was all just too loud and close in the front row where Kate and I were sitting. You finally came to sit in my lap towards the end when a little girl came out to perform but you were still very concerned about people falling and hurting themselves or us. 

We had our annual photo shoot this month and as usual, you are quite photogenic, hamming it up for the camera.

You reached a milestone with your mouth jewelry as well. We met with Ms. Lorraine and she introduced us to a variety of fun exercises to do so that you can move to wearing your mouth jewelry only at night. 

You were so cooperative, patient and enthusiastic with the hour + that it took for her exam and subsequent work with you. 

That is a common theme that I hear from all of the grownups in your life: how polite and well-mannered you are. You are very respectful while still remaining your joyful, happy self. As your mommy, it is such a wonderful thing to see you through the eyes of others, to see you shine brightly and bring joy to those around you. 

I'm so happy and proud that you are my daughter.



Elizabeth said...

Another wonderful letter! Once again Lucy's progress is a reflection of your love, dedicated parenting, patience and hard work! She absolutely shines! I LOVE the new photos. Great new one for blog header and footer. Can you make another post with more as you have done in past years. A link to old ones would be great. I forget last years already!

Lisa said...

I'm hoping to get that one posted this weekend! Thank you so much for your kind words...they mean so much.

Gayle Weiswasser said...

Such a gorgeous girl. She sounds like a delight!


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