Monday, November 4, 2013

Photo shoot 2013

We had our annual photo shoot last month. Our previous photographer moved to CA so she recommended Jaclyn Simpson who did a lovely job we think! We met her on a beautiful morning at Winnemac Park. Here are our favorite photos (settle in, there are a lot!).

It was a bit chilly at 8am but not so cold that we needed heavy coats thankfully.

I love the looks on their faces in this one!

 I think Lucy's feet are normally about 1-2 inches above the ground. She levitates a lot!

Kate practicing her co

I had to include one frowny face so it doesn't look like it's all sunshine and roses!

We played jump-rope with willow tree branches. The girls play under these trees every Sunday with their friends...the dad's soccer group we started oh-so-long ago.

This is a common look on Lucy's face..."I don't know!"

Love this moment with them...they were looking for a rock Lucy had dropped and Kate was comforting her as they looked for it.
Found it! Lucy is levitating again.

Had to include our signature upside down pose. I think we've done this every year except the first year we had Lucy.

We wrapped things up at the playground so they could burn off a bit more energy. Hard to believe they are exclusively in big kid swings now. Sigh.

Lucy loves to climb.
 And Kate loves to spin and get dizzy.

And that's a wrap!
With 96 pictures to choose from, it was hard to narrow it down! In case you are interested in seeing how the girls have grown, click here for the 2010 photos, click here for the 2011 photos and click here for the 2012 photos.

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Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for sharing another wonderful set of photos. I can't get over how the girls have grown! These will make some wonderful Christmas presents! The upside down shot seems to be a tradition now!


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