Sunday, November 10, 2013

This and That

November is gearing up to be the month of birthdays. We have already been to two parties and we have one every weekend right up until Lucy's on December 1. Welcome to preschool.

We went to Chinatown today for a late lunch and to pick up a workbook of Chinese character writing for me. In addition to speaking Chinese and learning pinyin, I'm also learning to read and write the characters. Interestingly, I discovered that Kate can read the characters for 1-10 today. We were in the store and I told them they could each pick out a book. She picked out a counting book and started saying the numbers in Chinese while pointing to the characters (there were no corresponding numerals that she could look at for comparison, it was all in Chinese characters).

While sorting laundry tonight, I cleaned out the girls' jacket pockets. This is what I found:
And finally, Fall is now almost officially over. There are still some leaves on the trees but most of them are here:
Our first measurable snow is forecast for tomorrow. I'm not ready for this and I don't think Kate is either. She keeps saying she wants to go live in Florida. Can't say I blame her.

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