Sunday, December 1, 2013

Heart Letter, Month 48

Dear Lucy,

You are 48 months old today!
This year went by fast. You have grown and matured so much. Here you are last year for your third birthday...
and here you are this morning...
You were so excited this morning when you woke up and saw all the decorations from the birthday fairies.

You received your first dozen roses in your favorite color.

You were SO HAPPY today. I don't think you shed even one tear all day which is a milestone all by itself, especially considering that you did not take a nap.
Before we get to the birthday celebration though, you did do a few other things this month. We kicked off the month in a new room with a new bed. Both you and Kate are pretty happy with the new arrangement, especially since you have a whole new playroom. In addition to your birthday party, we attended several other parties this month. Two of them were for your classmates and the other was for your friend Zadie. You were pretty excited when you found out about the facepainting!

You did a lot of Thanksgiving art projects at school.
On the turkey's feathers were things that you named you were thankful for and they included Thanksgiving food, grandparents, sister and mommy and daddy.
Speaking of your sister, you two have been playing together much better this month, from tea parties in your new room

 to driving a zamboni box
 and then decorating it.
You are very much into art and it is your favorite thing to do both at school and at home. Every day you come home from school with pages and pages of drawings or paintings. I think I need to start a rotating gallery!

For Thanksgiving this year we decided to forgo hours in the kitchen for hours outside exploring a state park. We drove to Starved Rock State Park, stopping at a restaurant to eat a traditional turkey dinner along the way. Although it was cold, the wind was slight making the hike through the woods quite nice.

We went into the lodge to warm up and take some pictures with the Christmas tree...and then to eat ice cream! So much for warming up...
With Thanksgiving behind us, we focused on your birthday.

Lucy: I'm going to be eight soon!
Mommy: Don't double your year on me! You're turning four!
Lucy: But I want to grow up.
Mommy: You will and you are. But I want you to stay little for a bit more.
Lucy: But I'll always be your daughter no matter how big I get.

That was an early Christmas present Lucy. Thank you for that...I'm still smiling about that conversation.

You were counting the days on your fingers every day, getting more and more excited as the party dawned...finally! When your friends arrived you were in your element, dancing and playing with everyone, sharing your toys until it was time for Ms. Julie to start the show. You love Ms. Julie so much and it was nice to have her celebrate your birthday again. Your happiness was palpable.

When I put you to bed tonight, I asked you what your favorite part of the day was. You know what you said? This...
...blowing out your candles and having everyone sing to you.
I think this is the first birthday party for a four year old when the birthday song was sung in 4 different languages. First, Ms. Julie surprised us by singing in Chinese, with your classmates joining in. Next up, Lucy D. sang to you in Spanish. Then Leander sang to you in Hebrew. And finally, we all joined in for the English version. You have some very special friends my love and I can tell that you realize that, even at your tender age.

After all of your guests departed, you begged to open gifts. Kate surprised you with new Christmas jammies that she picked out just for you.
 You very generously let Kate open presents too.
We spent the rest of the day playing with all of your loot. Hungry Hippo won the title of favorite.
My beautiful, smart, funny girl. I am so happy that today was just the day you had hoped it would be. I know that somewhere in China, there is another mommy and daddy wondering where you are and how you are doing on this day, your birthday. I am thankful that for this short time in your life, you will not be burdened with thinking or worrying about your China family for soon enough, your awareness will mature and the blissful ignorance that you enjoy will fall away. My birthday wish today (and for every birthday you celebrate) is that they would know that you are well and happy and thriving...and loved beyond measure.

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Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! It looks like you had a wonderful day and a great party! You are getting so big! You have to stop growing. Hungry Hippo is a fun game. Have fun playing it with your family. Lisa, you look great in the last photo with Lucy.


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