Monday, December 30, 2013

Holiday wrap-up

We've been enjoying some much-needed downtime this week and really enjoying celebrating Christmas with two kids who are over-the-moon happy about the holidays. This will be a pretty picture-heavy post!

Christmas morning dawned early and snowy. Kate discovered that mama and daddy filled their small stockings in their room with an ornament and some candy.
And Santa had filled the larger ones in the living room!
He left us a beautiful ballerina snow globe to enjoy.
And then it was time to rip into the stockings!
After consuming some chocolate, they discovered their big presents from Santa--hula hoops and skates.

Which halted all present opening for about 30 minutes while they tried out their skates.

Some leapfrog readers and books from Aunt Kathy.
Dazzling princess wands from YiaYia and Pappou!
And also some new school clothes.
Nana got them these wonderful blankets made for them.

Uncle RyRy and Uncle Paul sent some great gifts from Singapore including these Chinese blocks.
Cozy fleece from Tita Wheez and Uncle Terry.
Nooks from Meme and Papa.

 More skating with a break to watch some of the Nutcracker.
Some Chinese yoyo dancing courtesy of Uncles RyRy and Paul.

Diving into the art box from YiaYia and Pappou.
 Did you notice the dog in the background? No, Santa did not bring us a dog. We are sitting for Mobie, Dog of Leander, which has made the girls quite happy. While he is a pretty easy dog to tend to, it has confirmed for me that I do not need anything else that I am required to keep alive and happy. On the day we picked up Mobie, I got in some good snuggles from Griffin, Leander's brother.
 Mobie is living the life though...lavished with attention from the girls...
getting some more love...
and having some treats.
We finally had a break from the snow and extreme cold so we packed up and headed to see the zoo lights. Unfortunately, 5 people do not fit into a Prius when two of the passengers are in car seats. So, into the trunk I climbed.
We made it all in one piece to find that most of Chicago and the suburbs thought the same thing. It was pretty crowded but we enjoyed the lights nonetheless.

I didn't have the camera needed to properly capture the Chicago skyline behind Lucy.
Nana left this morning so we spent yesterday dismantling the tree and storing all the holiday decorations. Today Len tossed the tree out (literally) so we could take it for recycling.
Tree tossing from Lisa on Vimeo.

Because of the snow and salt on the sidewalks, we've been unable to properly test drive the skates so they were allowed to do one lap down the hallway. It's a work in progress....
Skating (and falling) from Lisa on Vimeo.

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that 2014 will be a happy year!

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