Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kate's birthday in pictures....finally

Between having strep throat last week and a 4 day weekend (re: no kids in school=no mama time off), I've not had much time to blog. So here is the final wrap-up of Kate's 4 year birthday party, complete with a pretty bizarre clown. Kate thought he was great but I have to say that most of the parents (and a few of the kids) thought he was pretty obnoxious. You'll notice as the party progresses, most of the kids end up on the other side of the couch so they can see him but not be near him.

Before her guests arrived, Kate got a little silly. I love Lucy's deadpan face here!
Kate picked out her cake design this year.
Things started out ok. The clown arrives without makeup or garb and part of his routine is to transform into a clown in front of the kids so they aren't afraid. Unfortunately, he was so loud and scattered that the transition seemed to be lost on them.
Kate loved being his helper though and since it was her party, as long as she was happy, I was happy!
Hema, Krisha and Yuvan!
 She got her clown nose--the thing she wanted most for her birthday!
This was followed by clown hair.
And silly mustaches.
June, one of her classmates, was less than thrilled.
Notice some of the kids have moved to have the couch as a buffer.
The die-hards hung in there: Kate, Leander, Sloane, Arnav, Ben.
Ms. Julie was quite happy to be a "guest" instead of a performer. Rum punch anyone? Thank goodness for the grown-up drinks, amiright?
Pretty much all the kids are now behind the couch except for Kate, Ben, Leander and Arnav.
 But they all joined in to sing Happy Birthday to Kate.
Time to make a wish!
Kate was thrilled and her silly faces mirrored her mood.
As everyone ate cake, the clown got to work making balloons. Kate asked for a kitty bracelet.
Lucy D. asked for a flower.
Leander wanted a sword which actually looked bit...circumcised.
Naia was happy with her flower.
And so was fellow birthday girl, Ava.
Lucy wanted a puppy.

Leander really wanted to help blow up the balloons.
After her guests departed and we had a bit of rest, Kate set to work opening her gifts. One of her favorites was Lucy's gift to Kate: a cupcake piggy bank with some coins already inside!
The next day we celebrated Kate's birthday at school. Her classmate, Hanson, was also celebrating his birthday so suffice to say we had enough cupcakes and cookies to keep everyone on a sugar high for several hours.

This first video is Kate as the sun and Hanson as the Earth orbiting around her (appropriately (!)) with a lesson about years and the passage of time (at least I think so). The cards have each month written on them (that I do know).
Chinese class from Lisa on Vimeo.

Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday Kate from Lisa on Vimeo.

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