Monday, January 13, 2014

Love Letter, Month 48

Dear Kate,

You were 48 months old yesterday.
A whole 4 years have passed since I first saw your tiny, beautiful face and snuggled the soft hair on your downy head. I can scarcely believe that this funny little clown is my baby girl! You grow more and more interesting and nuanced in your behavior everyday.

I don't know if it is just the time of year or your impending birthday celebration but, holy hell, you are difficult to understand this month. Last year as we approached your 3rd birthday, you had similar transition issues. On the day of your party you were a surly toddler. You were so out-of-sorts that you kicked your shoe off in the living room and it whizzed over the kitchen bar nearly nailing Daddy in the ear. This year has you hitting both of us if you find what we say to be disagreeable (like using the bathroom before you go to bed--the NERVE OF US!).
You have been testing out the power of your words on me. Twice this month you have gotten so mad at me that you yell, "I don't LIKE Mama anymore!" and then you get very quiet and slide your eyes over to see what effect that had on me. Both times I have looked you straight in the eye and replied, "I know you are mad at me but I will love you always and forever, no matter if you are mad or happy. Your words will not change that." And both times you completely crumpled into a ball of tears and asked to be held. My poor little love.
To be fair, this has been a rather eventful month what with Christmas, a visit from Nana, being away from school for a long time, various birthday parties, a lot of indoor time because of extreme cold/snow, and your first weekend away from both Daddy and me as we went to Wisconsin for some kid-free time.

Christmas seemed to consume almost all of December. We attended a party at my language school where you were so excited to finally meet MY teacher and see where I go to school. You impressed all the native Chinese people who were there to learn English with your correct pronunciation of words/tones. They all said you sounded like you were born in China.
We got to have breakfast with Tomten (the Swedish version of Santa). As you were waiting for your turn, you asked me to help you write a letter to him.
Finally it was our turn and you waited patiently as Lucy detailed her wishes so you could let him know that you wanted a hula hoop and some skates.
On Christmas morning you were pleased as punch to see both of your requests had been granted. You were so keen to try skating that all present opening came to a screeching halt for nearly 30 minutes.
The long holiday break allowed you to recover from all the coughing and general malaise that you had been experiencing. We got to do a lot of the things you love like baking, playing in the snow and getting lots of love from Nana.

We were fortunate to attend Leander's 4th birthday party this weekend where you got to try gymnastics. Your favorite things were the rings and the trampoline.

We had your birthday party on your actual birthday. Your request this year was a clown. I kept questioning your choice but you were adament so I booked a clown that would apply his makeup as part of his schtick. Fortunately, you loved it (some of your friends, not-so-much) and seeing you happy made my day.
You picked out your cake this year, changing the design a bit to include pink letters and border.

"Mama, will the clown give me a red nose? I really want a red nose."
"Yes my love, a clown's apprentice will have a red nose." And crazy hair.

Everything about your birthday made you happy from your new, very pink, very twirly dress to your clown wig and nose to your cake. Daddy gave you your first roses (pink, naturally) which made you smile. You said, "We should have fresh flowers every week. In every room. They just make things nicer. They make me happy."

I think YOU make things nicer and you certainly have made me happier. Happy 4th birthday my darling Kate.


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Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Kate! I am so happy you had a good party. You look beautiful in that very fancy dress and I love your red nose and wig. Great birthday cake! I bet it was delicious.

Lisa, you handle those emotional words of hers so well. You guys do so much it amazes me!


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