Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Yesterday morning we finally got out of the negative temperature digits when we hit 0. By mid-afternoon we were up to a whopping 5 degrees and the wind wasn't quite as windy so we ventured forth into foot deep snow. The girls were thrilled to finally be released from the confines of our house.
Release the hounds! from Lisa on Vimeo.

It took just as much time to actually get into our snow gear as it did to play. We all lasted about 25 minutes...then the cold and wind got to our cheeks and noses and we happily went back inside for hot chocolate. But for that brief time, we expended a lot of energy and got to see an amazing chemistry reaction when Len threw boiling hot water into the air:
Frozen! from Lisa on Vimeo.
Lucy's glee at being back outside was clearly evident!
 Lucy made her own slide.

 Kate made a snow angel.
Happy girls!
Today was the first day back at school since they broke for the holidays. Both girls were excited to go back. Lucy said she missed painting and her friends. Kate said she missed her teachers. No surprise in either of their declarations.

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