Sunday, February 16, 2014

A weekend of friends

Although it seems like we've pretty much been at a dead run since Friday, it has been a really nice weekend. Valentine's day brought chocolate/caramel covered apples from Meme and Papa--YUM!
Our friends from Houston, Paivi, Euan and Euie also came in for the weekend and enjoyed helping us eat some after supper. More from their visit in a bit.

Christy is only 4 weeks away from adding a little girl to our playgroup so we all gathered at Alison's house for a baby brunch. Sara skyped in from Sweden making the party a nice reunion for all of us.

We borrowed a sled from Josephine so we would have enough to take the Houston clan to the hill. Although the wind chill was pretty wicked-cold, we still stayed out about 1 1/2 hours.

Dinner tonight was at Sun Wah BBQ with my Chinese instructor, Shuang, Johanna from the school and another student from China, Zeyn. We chowed down on crispy duck!
Shuang, Johanna and Zeyn.
The ducks were brought to the table and sliced for eating with bao (steamed buns) and various pickled and slivered veggies. As we ate that, the rest of the duck is sent back to the kitchen and added to a wonderful soup (this was Kate's favorite item), a noodle dish and fried rice. Nobody left hungry!
Lucy started to fade with her belly full so she came over for some cuddles. Kate, spying Shuang's empty lap, asked if she could sit with her.
 Len was left to cuddle Tigger.

I just love sleepy cuddles!

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Jodie said...

Certainly nothing like having those tiny arms wrapped around you, is there....;)


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