Sunday, February 2, 2014

First time sledding

It's hard to believe that we have lived in Chicago for five years and have never been sledding down a hill. We rectified that this afternoon! Of course, true to form, Kate had major trauma with getting into the gear required for snowy outdoor activity. It took nearly 45 minutes to get her into long underwear, pants, shirt, sweatshirt, snow pants, coat, hat and mittens. Getting her to actually walk out the door was....challenging.
 You can just see Lucy's pink mitten on the stair railing outside...she is always delightfully easy to get out of the house!

After wedging Kate into her carseat, we drove the short distance to the hill at Montrose and headed up!

 Len and Kate flying down the hill
A ski lift would have been nice after an hour of walking back up the hill...
A rather cloudy view of downtown Chicago.
 Kate later apologized for her behavior and said, "Remember when I was in the car saying sledding was no fun and I didn't want to go? Well....that was wrong. Sledding is fun."

Kate raced me down the hill.
Lucy joined in a bit late.
She has learned to wink. Adorable.
How YOU doin'?
Hard to tell but Lake Michigan is just beyond the trees. It's got a nice coat of ice and snow on it right now.
Have I mentioned that Lucy is generally ALL IN when it comes to outdoor activities?
We took a few short videos. After only one time going down with either Len or me, they were all about DOING IT THEMSELVES. All right then. Kate went first:
Kate first time sledding alone from Lisa on Vimeo.

Lucy was a bit apprehensive but we got her on there:
Lucy first time sledding alone from Lisa on Vimeo.

Before long they observed the older kids going down face first so...you know where this is going.
Kate head first from Lisa on Vimeo.

Lucy head first from Lisa on Vimeo.

We had a fabulous time and I think some more sleds are in order as one sled for four people was a pain after a bit. We came home, enjoyed some hot chocolate and then the girls listened to books on their Nooks while Len and I got in a bit of grown-up reading. A perfect Sunday.


Elizabeth said...

What a great day! It looks like so much fun. It has been years since I last went sledding.

Maria Fernández said...

What a fun time. Making wonderful memories.


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