Saturday, February 1, 2014

Heart Letter, Month 50

Dear Lucy,

You are 50 months old today.
And what a silly little girl you are! You are always trying to get us to laugh and it seems that you wake up giggling and end the day trying to jolly us into letting you stay up just a bit longer (which sometimes ends in tears for all concerned, but that's another story).

In spite of the crazy weather, you are game for just about any activity. We had a day or two of warmish weather that melted the several inches of snow, leaving behind large puddles. I'm not sure that your feet ever really touched the ground...

You and Kate continue to be polar opposites. In fact, I'm not sure there is anything that you two do that is the same. You jump, she is firmly rooted to the ground. Your preferred method of getting somewhere is to run as fast as possible while Kate walks on her ballerina tippy-toes. You would live outside it I would let you while Kate prefers lounging inside by the fire. You are right handed. Kate is left. You will eat practically anything without a fuss. Kate seems to require a Royal Taster unless it's a salad (which you don't like) or sauteed veggies. With the exception of duck and bacon, Kate doesn't eat meat. You are very much a carnivore.

The amazing and beautiful thing is, in spite of all that, you two are very loving and playful with each other. Most days you play well together and, in an adorable moment, you told me:

"I want to marry Kate so when I grow up I won't have to find somebody else to love."
School was cancelled four days this month because of extreme cold but we made the best of it with a few playdates much to your delight. Zadie came upstairs for an afternoon of "Stay away from the Shark" in your bunk bed and baking (and eating!) cookies.
We had a great time playing in the fresh snow over at Leander's house. Playing with Mobie was the bonus prize according to you.

We visited Lucy D at her new house and you three quickly got to work dressing up to wash all of her baby dolls in the sink.
In addition to Kate's birthday party, we also helped Leander turn four with some fun gymnastics play. You quickly fell in love with all the hanging and jumping and tumbling. And you did a perfect table-top during stretching!

You have continued to talk about gymnastics, now weeks later, so I have you on the (2-4 month) wait-list for a place that is closer to our home. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of living in the city is that there are more kids than there is space at some of the more popular venues.

One of your birthday gifts was a responsibility chart that we have put to good use. We count up all the stickers you earn each week and if you meet the goal we agreed upon, you can have a special date with either mommy or daddy. You are nothing if not motivated by special one-on-one time with a parent and you quickly got to work filling in your chart by making your bed, picking up toys, not whining and setting the table. Your first "date" was with me so I surprised you with pottery painting. You were in heaven!

You picked out a piggy bank and your colors (yellow, purple and blue) and got right to work.

The only thing that distracted you were some customers coming in to pick up their work.
You finished up in about an hour and let the instructor paint your name and date on it.
We left your hippo there to be fired in the kiln and went back a week later for it. It came out beautifully and has already received some money from your Chinese New Year red envelope.
Spending one-on-one time with you is such a treat. I missed having that time with you when you were a baby which makes these dates even more special. And I know that you feel the same way...you radiate with joy and happiness, showing me that there is pleasure to be found everywhere...
 ...even in frigid, arctic, Polar Vortex weather.

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