Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's getting deep around here

With snow that is. Faced with another half-foot of snow this morning, Len nor I really wanted to take the girls to school. Traffic was bad, the Metra train was delayed...and frankly, we are tired. So I declared our own personal snow day, called the school to let them know and the girls and I settled in to play yet another (endless, oh-so-endless) game of Go Fish. Len headed into work after shoveling the alley by our garage just in case I needed to drive somewhere.

Around 11:30 both girls were stir crazy and begging to go outside so we suited up and headed out. The snow had stopped and it was sunny but within 20 minutes it clouded over, started to snow and has been snowing ever since. Lucy decided to go "on a a'ventur" so she grabbed a stick and set off over the mountains with Kate trying her best to keep up.
I've fallen & I can't get up from Lisa on Vimeo.

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