Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love Letter, Month 49

Dear Kate,

You are 49 months old today.
It has been a rather snowy, arctic month which I am going to blame for your rather mercurial temperament these last 4 weeks. Some days you look like this:
And some days you look like this:
The bummer is that I never know which girl I'm going to get on any particular day. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for the attitude shift and I swear you and Lucy team up to confuse daddy and me. One day you will be the PITA while Lucy is sweet as pie and then the next day you switch roles. Just today I asked your daddy if there could be just one day when both of you were pleasant AT THE SAME TIME for the bulk of any given day. It seems not.

Much of your dismay revolves around the severe cold and the garments required just to venture outside to the car. Getting you dressed every morning takes every ounce of patience I have (and manages to dip into my reserves most days) and even then I still sometimes have to relinquish the duty to daddy for fear I will zip you completely inside a duvet cover and send you off to school. I have to say that I have sent you outside without gloves or a scarf or hat because you have flatly refused to keep them on but then I have to put up with your screaming tantrum about how cold you are. Mostly, we just stuff you into your gear and hope for the best.
It hasn't been pretty. Your oft-most uttered sentence is: "I'm going to go live in Florida with Nana!" I have to bite my tongue not to say, "I'll help you pack."

In spite of the bad days, when you are happy, your good days are wonderful. You shrieked with joy the first time you came flying down a hill on a sled. It didn't take long before you were going down by yourself and soon after that, you went down face first, giggling the whole way.
You and Lucy do manage to have some fun no matter what the weather brings. You spent one excursion pretending you were trekking across snowy mountains on an "a'venture". You ended up rolling around like puppies which happens more often than not with you two.

Earlier in January during a one-day warm spell that melted the snow, you both had a grand time riding your bikes and then splashing in all the puddles.
You earned enough stickers on your responsibility chart to have another date with me. This time we went to yoga together. You really enjoyed it and were pretty focused in spite of the duration (1 hour) and the time of day (5-6pm).
We have spent our fair share of time inside but thankfully we've had enough to keep us busy. You really enjoy building with the blocks that Meme and Papa gifted at Christmas. Your buildings have become a lot more interesting and organized in the past month. No longer are you focused on making something as tall as possible. Now you are concerned with symmetry and balance, constantly adjusting and readjusting to be sure everything is lined up and is pleasing to your eye.
This attention to detail extends to most other areas of your life. Every night before bed you arrange your treasures on top of your nightstand "just so" and are quite peeved if I move something to put your water cup down. You will climb back out of bed to readjust things, nattering on about how "you messed up my display" and "the cup needs to be HERE, GOSH MAMA!"

In the bathtub you prefer to wash yourself now which now takes twice as long as you meticulously put the washcloth in-between every finger and every toe. You leave no crevice unwashed, even scrubbing behind your ears and propping up your leg to wash the backs of your knees. Should you ever need to perform emergency surgery, you will be prepared.

As usual, you manage to make me laugh. Here is the latest roundup of funnies from you:

Watching the Olympic ice skaters: "When I grow up can I wear stuff from their dress-up box? Their dresses are so sparkly! But...they don't have any pants and it's cold!"

As you were signing your name to a card you said, "Oh no, I made a 4 instead of a K. Oh...I know! That's so they can know it's from a 4 year old."

I overheard this as you and Lucy were playing:
Kate to Lucy: "Pretend to sit on me..... That's not pretend! That's for real!"

You have been working on spelling a lot more this month. You are constantly saying things like, "Lion begins with L. And so does Lucy and Lisa and Len and Laughing..." 

I'm proud to report that your very first word that you sounded out without my help was, drumrolll please,......"Park". You came running over with the word in one of your new books and said, "I think this says park. See, P sounds like PUH and A sounds like AHHH and R sounds like AHRRR and K sounds like KATE! So it's PU-AHRK. PARK!"

In case I haven't told you enough, I'm so very proud of you and so unbelievably happy that you are my daughter. As I think I've told you many times this month, it doesn't matter how mad you make me or how mad you are at me. I may not like your behavior or some of your words, but, as the song goes, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, now and forever my baby you'll be."

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