Thursday, February 13, 2014

Things that are keeping us busy

We've had more than our fair share of this:
According to the weather people, Lake Michigan is more than 50% covered with ice and we've had 5 feet of snow this winter. So we do a lot of this:
 and this:
My friend Betsy had her baby girl, Harper Wolf, 2 weeks ago. I got to spend one glorious morning doing this:

Going for walks is hard but I managed last Saturday afternoon while Len took the girls to yet another birthday party.
Kate has started ballet and Lucy has started gymnastics. I can't get any pictures of Kate in ballet as the room is at a dance studio and it's a drop-off situation. They will have a recital in early May so I can't wait to see that!

Lucy's class is also a drop-off but they have a viewing window and free wi-fi.
Kate's ballet is on Saturday but the wait-list for Saturday gymnastics was 3-4 months so I signed Lucy up for Monday after school. Kate kept busy doing a crossword puzzle on her Nook. She's pretty good at coming up with the answers and then we spell it out together as she types it in.
Lucy, meanwhile, enjoyed swinging like a monkey.

The girls had their teeth cleaned at the dentist this week. Both girls did quite well even though Lucy had a cavity in one tooth and had to get a filling. We had been monitoring this one tooth (it's a very soft tooth where her cleft is) and finally it just became clear that it needed a filling.
They cleaned it out and filled it without any anesthesia needed. I can't get over how gentle this office is! They even have kid-sized sunglasses to keep the lights out of their eyes. Both girls had their mouth jewelry adjusted and their mouths measured to see how their jaws are growing. All went well!
This weekend should be fun. Paivi and her family are flying in from Houston to enjoy our winter. We plan to go sledding and have dinner with some people from my language school. We have a baby shower brunch planned for Lucy D.'s mama, Christy, who will be having a baby girl next month. And the super bonus is that it's no longer completely dark at 4pm! The days are slowly getting longer, so in spite of the forecast for more snow, I'm keeping a lookout for any sign of spring.

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