Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Time...and Vengeance

It's not often that I post on here about bad business but this one merits a few google hits and a fair warning to others that he may try to scam:

After advertising a yoga/wellness retreat in November, we signed up and paid our $850 to William Stoneman at Renuil. He cancelled the retreat in January due to the weather (as I blogged about here) and promised a full refund. Weeks later and several unreturned emails, a disconnected phone and a promise to his business colleague to return our money, he finally replied to my email promising that the refund was "in process" in this email:

On Saturday, February 1, 2014 2:49 PM, William Stoneman wrote:
My apologies for the delayed reply. I've been offline for several days moving. I'm finally getting to my emails that have been accumulating. Refund is being processed today.
Again, my apologies for the delay in my reply.
Wishing you well.

Of course, we did not receive the promised refund and when I sent another follow-up email, I received an out-of-office automated reply. And now, today, I get this:

From: Renuil
Date: February 4, 2014 at 3:48:51 PM CST
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Renuil
I saddened to announce that after several months of trying to rally Renuil back into business we are closing and have ceased all operations.

To process a refund for your retreat or virtual program please contact PayPal via the email you received from them and request a refund.

I am sorry we weren’t able to provide the retreats and virtual programs as we had all so very much hoped for. I realize the inconvenience this has caused and for that I’m truly sorry.

I wish you good health and much joy this year and many more to come.


Please take fair warning that this is not someone you wish to do business with. He also has another business listed under his facebook page called Tempit.  You can also find William Stoneman on LinkedIn here. He is also listed as having this business called Webosition. I am determined to post this on every social media platform I can as, even though he has said he is out of business in Renuil, the website still indicates that he is taking money for Yoga Detox Retreats scheduled in February, May and October 2014. I did post a review on Yelp and GooglePlus which I then copied onto his Renuil facebook page. My comments were summarily deleted off the Renuil facebook page so I copied them again, putting them in the comment section of every post and picture he had for 2 years. That was this afternoon. This got some of my (and Len's) facebook friends to comment on the Renuil FB page as well. Less than 2 hours later, the Renuil facebook page was removed. 

Small victories.

The other silver lining is that our credit card company not only reimbursed us the full amount, they also included interest and are going after him as well. I'm just doing my part to spread the word.

Don't mess with someone who REALLY NEEDED A VACATION, was a project manager in a previous life and now needs the money for next year's school tuition deposit. I will be your nightmare. I've got nothing but time and an internet connection.

As my friend Ryan said, "what a wanker." I present: William Stoneman.

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