Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wrapping up last week

We had an eventful week again, due in part to this ridiculous winter weather. Paivi and fam invited us over to their suite at the Ritz on Monday before they were to check out for home. We arrived just as the snow had started to fall. You can just make out Navy Pier and the Ferris wheel in the middle of frozen Lake Michigan.

 Kate got suited up and ready to swim. This is the view north of Navy Pier with the frozen lake in the distance.
The Hancock Building.
And down to the pool to spend an hour or so burning some energy!

By the time we got back upstairs, the blizzard was upon us. Navy Pier has disappeared.
The location scouts knew what they were doing when they chose Chicago to be Gotham City in the Batman movie.
Room service lunch was in order so Paivi could pack up in the hopes that their flight was still on (it was delayed several hours but they did make it back to Houston!)
Both girls were asleep before I even got out of the parking garage. I picked up Len on the way home from downtown (his office closed early which means the storm was really bad--they NEVER close early). Driving was slow and painful. It was snowing 2-3 inches per hour at this point making it impossible for my windshield wipers to be very effective.
We turned into our alley to see a car stuck sideways. Unfortunately, the snow was so deep that as soon as I stopped we were stuck as well. Neighbors came out we got both cars unstuck. I made it to our garage but couldn't make the turn to get inside. Len had to shovel the whole area just so I could turn our car to back in.
The next day was sunny but the snow was still so deep in the alley that I called the school and told them I was keeping the girls home. We played outside and took advantage of the sun and warmer (we hit 30 degrees!!!) temps. The snow is so high they girls are as tall as the fence!

We walked around the corner to the playlot and spent some time in the swings. This was the first time we had been to the park since before Christmas.

We had the park to ourselves for the hour we were there but I'm so glad we went as it really was warm comparatively!
By Wednesday the temperatures were nearing 40 degrees and the great melt had begun. These icicles next door were quite spectacular! I've had to teach the girls to be careful about falling icicles--we had a pile of them come crashing down on the west side of our building.
In other news, I finally had time for a haircut and color (again, first time since beginning of December). I feel human again!
Jessie Jackson came to celebrate Black History month at Len's office. Work is keeping my man quite busy these days but he is enjoying the new challenges and his new communications team.
Tomorrow is Len's 48th birthday so please give him a shout-out!

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