Monday, March 10, 2014

A tiny taste of spring

The sound of ice sheets sliding off roofs and dripping icicles is only surpassed by the sound of very happy, chirpy birds. Oh, and the shrieks of joy from my two children released from the confines of their coats and set loose on a new park downtown.

Sliding down the hill...and onto snow. Kate seems dubious and is looking for a better way down.

Seeing how much fun her sister is having, she abandons the search for a snowless descent and inches her way down.

You can see that most of the walkways in the play area are still covered in snow so she made the wise choice.

The forecast is indicating 3-7" of snow by Wednesday. The girls remain blissfully unaware and are already planning their next trip to the park. Why ruin perfectly good dreams until you have to, right?

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