Saturday, March 1, 2014

Heart Letter, Month 51

Dear Lucy,

You are 51 months old today.
Oh how I wish I could have read your mind as this picture was being taken. It's your very first official school picture and this is such an atypical expression for you. I am going to conjecture that you were trying to make everyone happy by smiling but since you did not know the person taking your picture, you weren't "all in" as you normally are, thus the slight, toothless smile and skeptical expression.

You also look a bit tired which I'm not at all surprised about as it has been a busy month with visitors, new activities, late dinners and sporadic napping.
You started gymnastics this month and you LOVE it. Your favorite part is swinging on the bars but you seem to enjoy the rest of the activities as well. The balance beam in particular is going to be great for you as your ability to balance is not your strong suit.

We've had just a ridiculous winter and have received more than our fair share of snow, if you ask me. You are the only one in the family that doesn't seem to mind.
You happily suit up with however many layers are required and set off to explore the arctic tundra that is our neighborhood. You usually find a stick to help you when making a path for Kate to follow in.

You were a bit trepidatious the first time we went sledding but you quickly changed your tune after that first exhilarating ride down the hill.
You enjoyed it so much that when Ms. Paivi, Mr. Euan and Euie came to visit, you took every opportunity to go down with them!

You've learned a few new things this month which are awfully cute, such as winking
and sticking your tongue out really far (a big accomplishment since you really couldn't move your tongue much at all last year).
We switched your toothpaste this month to a mint flavor and you are over-the-moon thrilled about this for two reasons: 1. you get to use toothpaste that grownups prefer and 2. this exchange on the train last week:

"Kate! Smell my breath...it's minty fresh!" as you open your mouth wide and go "HHHHAAAAHHHH!" right in her face. Kate obliged by putting her nose 1/2 way into your mouth and breathing deeply, much to the amusement of the other commuters on the morning rush-hour train.

I am happy to say that some things that I teach you do manage to sink in. You are a monumentally talented burper and practice this every chance you get, especially at the supper table. As you are still learning how to control this so it isn't quite so loud or unexpectedly interrupting your speaking, I am trying to get you to at least say, "Excuse me". Apparently, the lesson is starting to stick, to wit:

Kate: "Alex learned to say 'excuse me' after he burped. He never used to do that but Lucy taught him."
Me: "Really Lucy?! What happened?"
You: "I told him it was rude to do that so he should say 'excuse me' and now he does!"

You give me faith that one day this really difficult job of civilizing tiny humans might actually work.

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