Monday, March 24, 2014

New sister

The girls were very excited Wednesday. Not only were they missing school but their friend, Lucy D., was coming over for the day! My friend Christy, went into labor and wanted to labor at home as long as possible before going to the hospital so Fernando brought Lucy D. over Wednesday morning. We started out watching a program so I could finish my breakfast and the girls could ease into their day together.
They played many (MANY) a game after that, followed by snacks, more games and  then lunch. Fortunately, it was also a day that Julie was scheduled to watch the girls so she came here to help me out. My Lucy needed a nap so I took her back to my room to lay down while Julie, Kate and Lucy D. played with play-doh.
Ball games ensued in the afternoon...did I mention it was rainy and cold nearly all day?

Game faces...
After Julie left, the girls were pretty much done with all this togetherness....except for my Lucy. Oh, she's sitting here playing by herself but if the picture had sound, you would hear her mullygrubbing the entire time about how "nobody wants to play with me! I'm all alone!"
Lucy D said, "I need a break from your kids. Grownups don't have that much energy so you can stay with me."
Lucy gave up after 5 minutes of "alone time" and pouted on the floor near me while I fixed supper. She actually has never learned to play by herself and makes it known that it is pure punishment to her to be forced to do so.
 After supper they joined forces to work on some legos.
Christy and Fernando left for the hospital in the evening so I took Lucy D. back home until her grandparents could arrive. Joy Leonore arrived happy and healthy on March 20th!

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