Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rewards (and hula hooping)

We've instituted the dreaded sticker chart here and I do mean dreaded, but not by who you might think. I hate it. Honestly, it's just one more thing for me to keep up with and seriously, why can't my children just do the right thing all the time without needing f*cking stickers to motivate them?! Probably because they are just that: children, and because who isn't externally motivated most of the time amiright?

So, we have the sticker chart and last week both girls diligently applied themselves to various things like setting the table, clearing the table, making their beds, using words instead of tantrumming (Kate) and not tattling on your sister (Lucy). They earned nearly every sticker for every day and their reward was a big one and one they were super excited about: an hour of jumping on trampolines followed by lunch out with both mama and daddy.

We got there (Jump Sky High) right as they opened today which turned out to be a smart move because it was pretty packed when we were leaving. I shot a short video early on though when it was not nearly as busy.

Jumping beans from Lisa on Vimeo.

They had this big area and then another area where you could bounce off the trampoline into a foam pit. They loved it and were soaked in sweat by the time they were finished.

On another note, Kate has learned to hula hoop!
Hula girl from Lisa on Vimeo.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Kate is great with the hoop. I have had lots of kids who can't do it and I am not so good myself. Watch out for her dance moves!


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