Thursday, March 13, 2014

Today's videos courtesy of the letter "E"

Lucy, after much practice and coaching (she actually had asked Kate to help her on many occasions), has learned the ABC song (with the slight exception of the letter E who is omitted about 90% of the time). So in honor of this accomplishment, today's selection of videos is brought to you by the letter E, as in earnest and erstwhile.

First, the slow, focused version:
Calm ABCs from Lisa on Vimeo.

And now, the twirly, fun version:
Twirly ABCs from Lisa on Vimeo.

You may notice that she has vastly improved in her pronunciation, especially where S and X are concerned. Also of note is the outfit she put together this morning: her favorite "I love gymnastics" shirt, some striped leggings, a yellow twirly skirt and polka-dotted mermaid socks. Adorbs.

1 comment:

Gloria Szanto said...

That was wonderful, sooo good Lucy, GOOD JOB...see you in a couple of months


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