Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Winter Fatigue

You can see it in everyone's posture as they trudge silently, bundled and wrapped against the snow and wind, grim determination the only thing visible on otherwise red and blistered faces. It is snowing again and the 1-3" they predicted is inching closer to the 4-5" mark. Everything is either white or black. Tomorrow it will all turn to gray.

Knowing the morning commute to school would be worse than usual, we left the house 30 minutes earlier than normal. Traffic was stopped to get onto Lake Shore Drive so I took the scenic route by the lake and ran into the snow plows making the loop.
Back on LSD (not that kind of trip...) traffic seemed no worse than usual.
Downtown the streets were slushy.
Poor miserable pedestrians.
The school staff was out shoveling the sidewalks for drop-off.
Believe it or not, the lake is just beyond all the lightposts.
I headed to the harbor for a few pictures before heading home. This is Montrose Harbor, completely frozen over. The "water" is just beyond the tiny tree.
Even the geese look miserable.

The beach where we went swimming...seems like centuries ago.
Beautiful, true. But I'm over it already.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

I can see how you are tired of the snow, but oh my goodness we are swimming and drowning in rain up here. It wasn't raining as hard in Point Roberts WA this afternoon as it was in Vancouver!


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