Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DC Visitor

One of my dear friends from DC, Maggie, visited this past weekend and the girls were thrilled to have yet another person to charm. She arrived Saturday just as we were returning from ballet class so after a bit of visiting, we walked into Andersonville to forage for lunch.
We had a great lunch and then Len headed home with the girls so they Lucy could take a nap. Maggie and I strolled back and did some window shopping and catching up on our lives. Saturday night we met up with Shuang, Min Yu, Zeyan, Johanna and Matthew at Lao Szechuan for fabulous Chinese food. After a warm up of spicy cabbage and dumplings, the entrees started arriving en masse. The noodles with brisket were heavenly.
Pork and veggies in black bean sauce! Yum.
As usual, the girls ended up in Shuang's lap.
 We took up the entire back of the restaurant.
Everybody participated in making silly faces and I'm sorry to report that I did not get photos of some of the great faces Johanna made. Kate extended her silly faces to her entire body. She's no shrinking violet.

Zeyan brought the girls Chinese parasols which they gladly paraded down the street as we walked home.
Maggie read some bedtime stories to them much to their delight.
Sunday we got up and planned to have a picnic and a walk at the lake since it was sunny and was supposed to be *somewhat* warm. First though, the girls had to help Maggie with her morning stretches.
We found a sunny spot and had our lunch and then walked over to the playground to get the girls tired out. Although the thermometer read almost 50 near our house, the wind off the very cold lake kept the temps lower along the lakefront.

But when you're swinging, who cares how cold it is?!
We walked over to see the dogs frolicking on the beach. Kate and Lucy were more interested in playing in the sand.
Notice the black line in the sand right behind Lucy? That's the top of the fence that is supposed to keep the dogs in. With our severe winter and high winds, the sand has covered most of the fence with only bits of it showing through. Fortunately, most of the dogs were content to play down near the water.

The girls voted for a fancy taco buffet for Maggie's last meal with us Sunday night. We made it even fancier with rum cocktails!

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