Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

This will be a pretty picture-heavy post of our Easter weekend. We started out Saturday with some last-minute grocery shopping. We had a brand new supermarket open up nearby and they weren't playing around with their grand-opening. Between the samples, the face-painting lady (who we managed to avoid as the line was super-long) and the balloon guy, our trip was more like a carnival.

 The balloon guy worked fast!
Later that afternoon, Zadie came upstairs and we dyed our eggs for the Easter bunny to hide.

Zadie's little brother, Auden, was much more interested in the toys.
Easter morning, the girls were super excited both because it was FINALLY Easter but also because it was warm enough to go outside without coats!
Bunny did not disappoint--he left their baskets on the landing.

 New swim hats!

Can't beat peeps on a stick!

Fueled by sugar, we headed downstairs to hunt for eggs and to see if the jellybeans we planted had grown into lollipops.

Kate was ecstatic to find the lollipops had grown (wrapped and everything!).

All in all, it took a mere 5-10 minutes to finish up the hunt. Looks like we'll actually need to start hiding them next year! We hosted brunch for our neighbors and enjoyed the rest of what turned into a really spectacular day, weather-wise.

PS--thankyou to Paivi for the cute dresses/sweaters! It was perfect for Easter! And thankyou to Tita Wheez and Uncle Terry for the Honeybaked Ham--yum!

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mommy of 2 said...

What a wonderful day! A fun filled way to celebrate with friends, yay!


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