Monday, April 14, 2014


Much like my children, the weather seems to be at opposite extremes this week. It is currently snowing. Yep. Snowing. In mid-April. And I'm drinking a glass of wine and bitching about it. That's one of the benefits of having a blog.

Contrary to the current conditions, Friday and Saturday were lovely. I had Friday afternoon free so I headed to the Botanic Garden to enjoy the sun (but not very many flowers just yet...). First up was lunch on the terrace. The willow tree is just starting to bud.
Freshly planted ranunculus.

Crocuses helped add some color to an otherwise washed-out landscape.

I headed over to spend most of my afternoon in the Japanese Gardens since it is mostly evergreens and I needed some kind of color even it was just green.

Saturday Len and I packed up the girls and headed back to the Garden since it was just. so. nice. outside.

We found a Nana plant!
The girls always manage to find their own "playground equipment" on which to play. Here is their version of the balance beam.
They wanted this to be a jungle gym but alas, no tree climbing allowed. And it was mostly over water so there was that too.
If you're like me, when you look at pictures that seem "perfect", do you ever wonder what the other shots looked like? Here's the "perfect shot" of the girls standing so nicely and smiley in front of the waterfall.
And here are the other shots that came before this one...

Look at the camera! What is that face Lucy?
 Please don't pick your nose. Kate, can you look at me?
Kate? Hello?
Like herding cats sometimes.

So this week is Spring Break for the girls. We're spending it sleeping in (does 6am count? Lucy is still our morning rooster...) and catching up with some of their playgroup friends. Tomorrow we'll see Leander and Thursday we're hoping to see Ben and Lucy D. (and for the girls to meet her sister Joy). Saturday we're going to color eggs with Zadie and then have an Easter egg hunt and buffet here on Sunday.

Hoppy Easter! Hope yours is warmer than ours is going to be...

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