Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Heart Letter, Month 52

Dear Lucy,

You were 52 months old yesterday.
This seems to have been a rather hectic month and I absolutely forgot to write your love letter until today when your daddy texted me a reminder.

One of the many reasons this month has been busy is our recent visitor, Ms. Maggie from DC, this past weekend...
as well as a few dinner/visits with some of mama's friends from language school.

We've managed to have playtime with some friends more your age including Zadie and Lucy D.

Because the weather this month started out simply atrocious, we've focused a lot more on indoor play and for you that usually means artwork. Anything involving crayons, glue, scissors and stickers makes for at least an hour of focused play.

Your work at school is becoming a lot more "recognizable"...according to you this is a baby elephant.
This is daddy and me
and this is Kate, me and you.
You told me you really hate to practice writing your letters and numbers..
You did have a big breakthrough though and can now sing the ABC song all the way through! You were so proud that you asked me to video you singing the song so you could show everyone.

Towards the end of this month the weather cooperated enough so that we could go outside to play at the various parks. The only thing that makes you happier than doing art (or watching tv---you are VERY fond of your limited tv time) is playing outside.

You started out the month doing quite well with your new responsibility sticker chart and won a morning playing at a local trampoline place.
Sadly, when I changed some of your goals from things like getting dressed or taking a bath to say, not interrupting or not nagging, the sticker chart lost its allure for you. You have hit the wall many times this month in terms of testing behaviour and it hasn't been very pretty. Your favorite thing to do right now is to say "no" or to just completely ignore me when I ask you to do or not do something. We had this exchange at the chiropractor's office last week:

Me: Lucy, please come here and put on your coat so we can go.
You: Staying where you are across the room, you call out, "Kate, come over here so we can have a race."
Me: Lucy, you may not race in here. Dr. Jason has already asked that we be quiet since someone is getting a massage. Please come here and put on your coat.
You: Completely avoiding eye contact, you call out again, "Come here Kate, let's race!"
Me: Lucy...seriously? Look at me and come here quietly or there will be no tv for you when we get home.
You: "GO!" as you start racing over to me, stomping as loudly as you can while running.
Me: Are you kidding me?! That means no tv for you.
You: WHY???!!! Will Kate get to watch tv????
Me: We're not talking about Kate and you know exactly why. Please put on your coat.
You: Loud screaming.

So, yeah. There's been that. Fortunately, those moments are redeemed by these moments:

Speaking of sleeping, you have become completely enamored of one of my nightgowns lately. I couldn't find anything made out of the same material in the kid's section so I ended up buying you an adult size xs pajama top and you have never been happier. You wear it every night which has kept you from sucking and picking a hole in mine.
It's the little things in life that make us happy.


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