Saturday, April 12, 2014

Love Letter, Month 51

Dear Kate,

You are 51 months old today.
You have worked hard this month to master the hula hoop and I have to say you are doing quite well! You can keep the hoop going for up to a minute and are now practicing with both yours and Lucy's hoops. Your goal when you grow up is to be a hula dancer. Hey, at least it's not a pole, amiright?!

You've been quite happy to have several visitors to our house this month. First, Lucy D. spent the day with us as her little sister, Joy, was making her way into the world.
Two dinners with Ms. Shuang made you quite happy.
A long weekend with Ms. Maggie at our house thrilled you completely. Anytime there is another adult to entertain sends you over the moon.
Your focus on art has increased this month. You and Lucy were both overjoyed when I got a rolling file cart to organize all of your supplies. You two will stand at your table and work on various art projects for most of an afternoon.

Although you write with your left hand, you use scissors in your right. You seem to be ambidextrous when it comes to eating though...whatever gets the food in the fastest sometimes!

You are bringing home a lot more art from school as well. You call this your "Carrot Series".
Practicing writing words and a flower thrown in for fun.
More flowers
"I miss Baba" with hearts and your name.
"I love you Dad"
I love you Mom.
You are really practicing your hearts. Sometimes your lunch love note will just say, "I `heart` you" so you are practicing writing that.

 You're starting to write your numbers in Chinese characters. You've made a good start with 1-4!
This is the snowman, Olaf, from your current obsession, the movie "Frozen".
This month has been a rather trying month for you emotionally. Your moods swing wildly from utter joy to abject misery in what seems like 1/10 of a second. Part of it I'm going to lay at the feet of the horrendous winter we've had. You have stated nearly every day that you hate winter and are sick of the snow. Fortunately, April seems to have turned the corner and the ground is now snow/ice-free. We've been able to go the parks and play outside a bit more this month, even enjoying the return of the ice cream man at the park! You both picked watermelon popsicles even though the temperature was barely 50 degrees outside.
Today was the first day that we *almost* hit 80 degrees! This, after a hailstorm in the morning that hit the Botanic Garden right before we got there. Fortunately, after a rough morning, we had a glorious afternoon exploring the garden and looking at all the flower bulbs just breaking through the soil.

As usual, you say the darndest things.

When you get mad at Daddy you say, "I don't like daddy. I wish I had two mommies like Leander."

During a grocery trip with Daddy:
Kate: Daddy, I need to learn Spanish.
Daddy: Why?
Kate: Because half the people shopping here at C*stco are speaking Spanish, and I don't know what they're saying.

This next one dumbfounded me as you stopped yourself to re-phrase something so that Lucy could understand your question:
Kate to Lucy: Are you capable...
Lucy, looking at you with a confused expression...
Kate: Are you sure you can do that?

Mama, I put the doll with the broken neck that you fixed next to my snowglobe because they are both delicate.

Every time you stand at the closet, contemplating what to wear, I hear,
"No....no.....no....no...." as you sift through the clothes.
I'm holding my breath just waiting for you to wail, "I don't have anything to wear!!" You release me from asphyxiation, though, by finally settling on something that will do.

You and Lucy are both eagerly awaiting the arrival of Easter next week. We have broken out the bunny ears to try to hasten its arrival.
I love you my little bunny.


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