Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lucy's first dental xrays

As the title indicates, Lucy got her first set of dental xrays yesterday. She was too young for xrays when we first started all of her orthodontic treatment so we don't have a true baseline for where her jaw was but at least we do have those first pictures of her underbite to go from.

These were taken in December 2012. The picture on the left is her upper palate and teeth. You can see her fistula in the top left corner. That will eventually be surgically repaired with a bone graft, probably next summer. We meet with her surgeon in June to discuss the timeline. The picture on the right is her lower jaw.
These pictures show her underbite more clearly with the middle picture clearly showing her fistula between the canine and the tooth to the right. The last picture shows the underbite from a different angle.
Her xrays from yesterday indicate a clear overbite.
Dr. Boyd is also concerned with how open her airway is (to avoid things like sleep apnea) and this shows that her airway is very open thanks to the movement of her jaw with all of her mouth/face jewelry. The airway, in case it's hard to figure out, is indicated by the two vertical lines just below her jawline and the two parallel lines behind her jaw/teeth.

This next photo shows the placement of her adult teeth that will be coming in. These are outlined in pen to distinguish them from her baby teeth. The "?" indicates the fistula and also shows that there are no teeth coming in. To the right of the ? is a tooth that is coming in sideways. To the left of the ? you will see two teeth on top of each other and another, smaller one to the left being squished by yet another 2 teeth even further left. She has a similar problem on the far upper right.
So we're looking at a pretty hefty amount of orthodontic work in her future!

Lucy was a trooper as usual and looked at the whole thing as another grand adventure.

 I love that they allowed her into the room to watch the pictures download.
She was even happier when they gave her a copy to take home to color.
Kate, was not such a trooper and came away with no mouth jewelry yet again. We seem to have hit some kind of "glass half empty" phase with Kate. More on that in tomorrow's post.

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