Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pen Pals

Kate has her very first pen pal in Yiayia. Kate is very interested in writing and learning to read so Yiayia decided to encourage her by sending her letters and asking her questions that she can answer in return.

Here was the first exchange between them:

Kate wrote,
Dear Yiayia, I am fine. I like art. Happy Easter! (then we did some math to figure out how to answer the questions and Kate drew pictures) 14 years until college. 22 when I graduate. I love you, Kate.

Kate's second letter arrived this week so we decided to answer it during Lucy's naptime this afternoon.

We got some paper and snuggled into my bed with a lap desk and pen. (Kate, like her mother, is very particular about her pens and knew EXACTLY which one she wanted, returning the one I picked out back into my pen box and asking specifically for the "skinny black pen".)

I would read the letter and she would decide what she wanted to say. Then we would sound out the words together as she wrote them down.
Here's what she wrote:

She totally skipped the question about Spanish since we didn't know it and opted instead to tell her what it was in Chinese. I had to look up the Chinese characters but when she saw them she asked me to write them saying, "I'm getting really tired of writing now and that looks really hard." I asked her if she wanted to stop and continue another day but she said she wanted to continue, especially because she wanted to draw hearts. Her new-found love is to replace all the Os with hearts. I thought that didn't start until middle school....

*Yiayia, the letter will be mailed tomorrow so this is your sneak peek!


Elizabeth said...

Wow! I am very impressed. As a grade one/two teacher I can't believe Kate did all this and in one sitting. It is great to work on her interest in reading and writing in such a meaningful way with a special person in Kate's life. You are really good to take all the time to do it as so many kids proudly show off their workbooks! I love how you do it together in a special place when it is just the two of you. Hopefully Lucy keeps up her naps. Are you keeping all the letters? They would be wonderful for Kate to look back on later. I will email about a technique called " line writing" . It has nothing to do with printing but is a way to help kids start writing on their own. Kate looks like she is almost ready. Keep up the great work!

Way to go, Kate! I am very impressed! I can't believe how hard you are working on these letters. Writing is lots of fun and it is always lovely to get a letter.

Lisa said...

Thanks so much! I would be very interested in the line writing...I've not heard of it. Yep, I'm scanning in the letters and also keeping Yiayia's originals in a special box for Kate. As a former high school English teacher, it really is amazing to me to see her skills emerge.


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