Monday, May 26, 2014

A visit from Meme and Papa

Meme and Papa visited from FL for the Memorial Day holiday this year. It coincided with an MDS support group meeting here in Chicago on Saturday. My dad was diagnosed with MDS 17 years ago and has been fighting the disease ever since. Unfortunately, it has tired him out and makes him feel quite cold most of the time.
Did I mention the weekend started off with highs in the 50s-60s?

With a good night's rest, he rallied and we visited the girls' school for lunch and a tour.

 I love circle time! I really wish I was going to their school sometimes...it's so peaceful and serene and the "work" looks like fun.
Papa had some fun with the sensory blindfold.

We stayed a little late so the girls could show off some of their favorite activities. Here, Lucy is learning the names for family members.
Then Meme got into the blindfold!
A little drawing.
Boards to learn the Chinese characters (with the corresponding picture/English word on the back). Lucy's is sideways...
All the Chinese language and culture made Meme ask for Chinese food for supper so that evening we walked to our local favorite restaurant for a duck feast.

Papa snuggles.
Slicing the duck tableside.

Meme cuddles.
Sunday the weather was much nicer with highs in the 70s so we headed to the Botanic Garden (along with the rest of Chicagoland it seemed). Thank goodness we are members and could breeze past the 50 car line-up to get in the gate!

Kate was tired of picture taking...

 We took the trolley tour to be able to see a lot of the gardens without walking.

 Lilacs...Meme's favorite.
We forgot the key to Papa's scooter so we were able to get a wheelchair for free in order to see some more of the gardens on foot.
 Kate and Lucy got out some energy racing up and down this shaded walkway.

Just last month, this walkway had no leaves!
 See? I took the one below in April...
We stopped for ice cream which gave Lucy enough energy to push Papa on to the English walled garden.

Wedding photographs were in progress in several locations.
It was a stunning day which ended our weekend together as Papa and Meme headed to the airport this morning but not without dancing with Papa first.
 And bear hugs from Meme.
While Len took them to the airport, we enjoyed another stellar morning outside. They are learning hopscotch.

 Then a walk around the block.

 Interestingly, when they aren't holding hands or running or picking dandelions, they walk like this which is exactly the way every Asian person in our neighborhood walks.
Only two more weeks of school left which boggles my mind. Their first year of preschool almost done. Wow.

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