Thursday, May 8, 2014

Trapeze and Hot Pot

We've had a bit of computer difficulty this week so my blog posts have been languishing in my head instead of on this blog.  Saturday we made a last minute plan to check out the free Flying Trapeze Show at the Armory. Josephine and Ben came over, we hopped on the EL and headed to the show.

We started out sitting together but soon enough, Lucy again wanted to sit in the back as she was worried about so much action that close to her.

Josephine came prepared with popcorn for all the kiddoes!

Once the action moved to the higher level, Lucy felt comfortable enough to move back up front with us.

It was all put on by the Trapeze School of NY and we all really enjoyed it.

Sunday, Shuang invited us to her new apartment for hot pot.  One side of the pot is spicy and the other is not.
How many people can you cram into a studio apartment kitchen? Apparently anybody who is hungry!
We shooed them out so Shuang and Min Yue could finish the preparations. K & L amused themselves by rolling a ball back and forth to each other.
 Chinese spam...
I did gamely take a bite but all the spice in the pot could not persuade me that this was a good decision.
Fortunately, there were a lot of other selections including shrimp, beef, pork, mushrooms, rice cake, tofu, greens...

 Kate lobbied to sit on Shuang's lap.
The view from her apartment is lovely--the lake was gorgeous.
Our bellies full, we played a few of the games we had brought and then fell back on rolling the ball around the room.
Another view of this impossibly tiny kitchen. I thought the kitchen I had at the LSU dorm was small but I think this wins...although my fridge was an under-cabinet version...
It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

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