Saturday, May 10, 2014

Uncle Paul is here!

And it is cause for much rejoicing! Paul arrived from Singapore yesterday afternoon and was here when the girls got in from school with Ms. Julie. I thought Kate was going to lose her mind with all her frenetic activity but she finally calmed down enough for Paul to get a shower and rest a bit before supper.

We met up with our mutual friend, Greg, for some supper AL FRESCO! Yes, it is finally warm enough to sit outside!

 Kate teaching U. Paul how to do the hand clapping game.

 That last photo reminds me of this photo taken when Kate was 6 months old.
By the time dinner was nearing it's end, the temp had dropped to 66 and Lucy was getting a bit chilled.

After a breakfast of bacon and blueberry pancakes, the girls wanted to show off their scooters.
 which coincided nicely with Len's need to drop off/pick up some drycleaning.
Right now it's afternoon nap time and then we head out for Kate's recital.


Elizabeth said...

Old friends are such a special treasure. I hope you enjoy Uncle Paul's visit. Did you tell Kate ahead of time or surprise her? I hope you have seen Uncle Paul since he met up with you in China, if not he would have had a big surprise with both girls. Hope the recital went well.

Lisa said...

It's the first time we've seen him since he came to China so it has been a very special visit. I told the girls he was coming about a week in advance so they've been very excited (Lucy was also nervous but normally is with "new" people until she warms up).


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