Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A glorious day

This was the kind of day that all moms dream about when they think about having children. Everyone wakes up happy, they eat breakfast without melting down about the food choices, they get dressed without changing even one outfit, the walk to the car is not fraught with who is walking faster, who will open the door first, who will have mama buckle them in first. And it continued thusly, no tantrums, no drama, no disparaging comments about what I packed for lunch or fixed for supper. No tears over who got into the tub first, what color floss sticks were available, which books were chosen by the other, what jammies to wear, who got mama first for kisses and songs. It has been heavenly.

The bulk of our day was spent on Navy Pier. We had gift certificates from Ms. Julie from Christmas for build-a-bear that I had been saving for a summer adventure. They get so many toys at Christmas and then their birthdays bookend the holiday on top of that so I was happy to have something to whip out as a surprise. They were thrilled that Ms. Julie had given them the cards (and actually remembered receiving them in December!) and Lucy already had an idea for which stuffed animal she wanted. She marched right in and picked out the purple flying unicorn and never looked back. Kate dithered about for about 5 minutes before finally settling on a pink kitty. Shocker.

Next up was picking out a heart for their animal and doing a little routine with it to give it magical powers.
Make a wish...
and stuff it in.
Fill it up.

 Happy girls.
After a snack we headed to the Children's Museum to run off some energy. Kate wanted to tackle the tall climbing...thingy. (not really sure what to call this...). I was skeptical as the last time she attempted to climb something similar it resulted in a complete and utter meltdown that lasted well into bedtime.
 Maybe because her sister was out of competition due to her broken arm she felt more confident. Either way, the results were decidedly opposite of that day in April. She needed a bit of instruction from the staff but she methodically and diligently found foot and handholds and made her way up more than one flight of stairs.

There wasn't a whole lot that Lucy could do at first as the places they've been in the Museum require two functional arms.
Oddly, the place we spent the most time was in the woodshop. Kate set about gluing the bejeezus out of everything while Lucy and I sawed (and sawed and sawed) blocks of wood held in a vise (you can just see the vise right behind Kate).

Lunch was followed by a ride on the carousel and the Ferris wheel before heading home.

Alas, it was a very foggy day in Chicago as you can see. Yes, that is the famed Chicago skyline completely engulfed in clouds.

As Kate said at supper tonight, "It was a wonderful day for the three (our last name) girls!"

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mommy of 2 said...

Truly magical! Wow...here's to a repeat tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


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