Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

I may have been terribly remiss in the card department today (uh...no cards for daddy or the lovely grandfathers...) but I did at least plan an outing for today. We headed up to McHenry, IL, to Stade's Farm and Market, for strawberry picking and a bbq lunch!

We spent most of the morning picking (and eating) strawberries.

Lucy had no problem picking or holding her basket with her cast!

They each took turns hauling the wagon back from the field. We picked a ridiculous amount of berries. It seemed like so much less in that big open field! When we got home they filled 4 one gallon bags (after we ate a lot on strawberry shortcake for dessert tonight).

We ate lunch of bbq (and sandwiches from home for the girls) and then headed over to the amusements. This was the girls' favorite by far. Because their weren't big crowds today, they got to ride these cars multiple times in a row.

Next up was jumping which I was a bit hesitant to let Lucy do but we kept a hold of her and didn't jump too high. She was a trooper and didn't push to jump higher, just enjoyed being out there and bouncing.

Kate loved this slide so much she kept climbing up there long after the rest of us were over it.

Len and I took turns taking Lucy down.

There were several things we just would not let her on though like this mountain of tires. As you can tell, it is filled in with sand and sand underneath her cast would probably drive her nuts. So this and the sand pit, the pony rides, and the tire swings will be for another time.
It was a great Father's day (although I suspect Len could use a massage and a beer after our all-day adventure!).

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