Sunday, June 1, 2014

Heart Letter, Month 54

Dear Lucy,

You are 54 months old today.
The one truest thing I could ever say about you is that you are a happy girl as long as you are outside and active.

Oh yes, you like doing projects inside (as long as I don't ask you about numbers or letters, more on that in a bit), but your passion resides in free play outside. Give you a hose and some dirt and I'm looking at a full hour of free time for Mommy.
As for numbers and letters, you still have quite the stress reaction when I ask you anything about them. You will start to squirm and pull on your clothes, rubbing the back of your head onto your neck and twisting every whichaway and whining. I'm still not sure what is going on there....you don't appear to be able to recognize your letters yet at all (except for L U C Y and K) and you don't recognize any numbers beyond 5. You hate to play games that require the use of letters or numbers. Thank goodness for the Montessori method or school would be excruciating for you.

You do appear to be getting better at your writing though. You proudly showed me some of your work in class.
Meme and Papa visited us this month and you loved showing them around your classroom.
They stayed for a few days which gave you lots of time to get snuggles and extra love and attention, much to your delight.

You also really love to be helpful. You are always the first to offer to help someone out or keep up with those younger than you. One day at the park, we noticed a woman struggling with a stroller that had lost its front wheel. She had twin boys and was trying to keep track of them while fixing the stroller. You and Kate stepped right up and wrangled the boys and kept them entertained so she could put everything back together.
 You love the chance to help me with groceries.
But your favorite thing is baby holding, especially Ms. Julie's grand-daughter!
We had another visitor this month; Uncle Paul came all the way from Singapore, bringing one of your favorite snacks, Bee Cheng Hiang, or pork-in-a-bag.

My favorite things about you involve your personality. You are ALL IN, as they say, when it comes to life. Whether it is hamming it up with your sister before her first recital....
or playing dress-up...
or wearing a fake mustache to the store....
you are already practicing to be voted "Class Clown".
Your favorite thing to do is to get anyone to laugh either through your words, songs, or actions. Undivided attention and laughter is your greatest reward and you will do practically anything to receive it. The best for me though, is watching your face as it dawns on you that you have made me laugh when you least expected it.
I do have to mention just one, little, tiny, thing though. YOU. ARE.LOUD. So very, very loud. Painfully loud at times. So loud that I have to yell just for you to hear me tell you to stop being SO LOUD. It's not good. So could you pretty please lower the volume?

I promise I will still find you ridiculously fun to be around.


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They are getting so big!


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