Friday, June 13, 2014

Love Letter, Month 53

Dear Kate,

You were 53 months old yesterday.
It's been a crazy week and I'm amazed I'm even coherent enough to write your letter. You see, our summer was radically changed this week when your sister fell from the monkey bars and landed on her arm, breaking it. You were a trooper that whole day, staying close by me as we ran to the hospital, pushing elevator buttons and holding things while I tended to your sister. You held her hand and offered to get her favorite toys for her to make her feel better. Those are the times that I force my brain to cling to when the other side of your temper shows itself. Let's just say, it's not been a pretty week.

School has been out for exactly one week and you are not too happy with this situation. You tell me daily that you miss school, your teachers, "doing math and art". Your contrary mood (and frightful temper tantrums complete with slamming doors and ear piercing screams) are testing every fiber of my patience this month.

But let me back up. We started out the month with you still happily in school, showing it all off to Meme and Papa who were visiting from FL.

Your artwork has in fact improved to the point where I don't embarrass myself mis-identifying what you have drawn.
At least not completely. The three people in the picture above are all you, just at different ages. The first one is you at 1 year old. The last picture, in purple, is you at 100 years old. The one in the middle is you at 4 years old. It seems appropriate that you are largest at your current age, given the amount of ego that children your age possess.

You thoroughly enjoyed Meme and Papa's visit.
In general, you are happiest when you have the complete and undivided attention of the adults in your life.
Kids your age...meh.  They aren't nearly so satisfying.

As previously mentioned, this month saw the end to your very first year of school. At the school picnic you tried (and hated) your first hot dog...."I don't like meat! I only eat duck and bacon and shrimp!"
You also tried (and loved) your first oreo. Your palate is not so discriminating when it comes to sweets.
That following week, on the last day of school, you cried as we were heading out the door.
And your mood has become bleaker by the day which is why I planned all these low-key, fun adventures for us to have. We kicked it off with tickets to the theatre to see an Eric Carle adaptation of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". Happily, Leander and his family came too.
We went to a new (heated!!) pool on the very day it opened, just days after school was out. You and Lucy had a blast, spending most of your time on the slide.

Alas, as mentioned, summer dynamics changed. We had a lovely visit with Amy, the midwife who saw your beautiful face as you were born.
And then we were back in the hospital just an hour later to help your sister.

I must point out that where both you and Lucy excel is in your thoughtfulness for each other. Even in Lucy's morphine induced haze, she asked if there were something she could bring from the hospital for you to have. Since there wasn't, she took the infant sized shirt off her stuffed cat given to her by the hospital staff and gave it to you...for your doll. You wanted to see if it would fit you first.
If/when you have a child of your own, these will be the moments that get you through the temper tantrums, the raging fits, the crying, the whining and the general discontent of children who aren't getting their way. The silliness, the laughter, the funny sayings, the moments of tenderness and thoughtfulness towards others...

 You will relish in the simple things your child does that makes her happy.

And you will look at pictures just like these to remind yourself that this tiny person screaming insults and slamming doors does have better moments, and that you do, in fact, enjoy her company.

I love you my little clown.

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mommy of 2 said...

Thank goodness for the pictures to remind mamas also! As the mom of another fiesty girl, who is now 7.5, hold on to your horses. It's going to be a bumpy, albeit interesting, ride. :)


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