Friday, June 20, 2014

Not exactly churning butter...

Yesterday, the Swedish Museum had a short after-school program about making butter and since it's within walking distance, we headed over. There was a short story-time about these three Swedish boys who had no butter for their bread and so had to make some. Of course this involved milking the cow, etc etc and churning it.
Ours experiment was not quite so involved and was in fact, pretty easy. You put heavy whipping cream into a bottle with a small marble. Then you just shake the hell out of it. First it turns to whipped cream and you don't feel like you're shaking anything anymore.
Then it turns back to liquid, which is buttermilk. Then the butter forms a solid lump. Once that happens, you stop shaking. You will still have buttermilk in there but you'll also have butter.
They got to eat the butter that the instructor made.
We took our bottles home and after draining the liquid out, I cut off the bottle tops and out came the butter.
The bonus was getting to keep the marble that we dug out of the butter! According to Kate (my avid collector of all things), this was the best part.

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mommy of 2 said...

Buttered marbles...mmm...


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