Monday, June 23, 2014

Not exactly waterproof....

This weekend we put on a product "guaranteed" to keep Lucy's cast dry. It worked well on Saturday although the sock we put on underneath as advised, was a bit damp at the top near the seam.

That child swam with one arm weighed down with a cast and giant rubber condom. She never fails to amaze me with her determination and good humor.
Sunday we decided to hit the pool again since we had had success the day before.
The girls raced each other back and forth and Lucy was still faster.

At some point, I heard a small hissing sound and I noticed that her condom was not looking as it should. Of course she was completely submerged in the pool. It looked like the suction where it was supposed to be tight around her arm had lost its hold. We tried a few times to re-suction it but could never get it back to the original pressure. When we took it off her cast was totally soaked. We spent a good deal of time with the blowdryer but by this morning it was obvious that we needed another visit to the doctor.

We got in to see Sam, the guy who put on her pink cast last time. Lucy was happy to see him because, "He's funny mommy. He makes me laugh!"
 The cotton lining was soaked through and her skin looked waterlogged.
She held onto her arm as they did another xray to be sure it was still all aligned before and after applying WATERPROOF cast material! Hallelujah!
The same orthopaedist who set her arm in the emergency room was on call today and remembered us. She said this shouldn't set us back on the timeline for full removal of the cast. Whew! She did say though, that her arm probably will not look completely straight for up to a year. From the side it will look fine but looking straight down at it, her forearm will probably have a slight curve as the bones continue to grow. You can see the slight bump just below her wrist in the photo above.
Lucy got to choose yet another color and this time it was orange.
She had to keep her arm up while it set for 15 minutes. Kate held her free hand and kept an eye on the clock, informing us of EVERY.SINGLE.MINUTE as the secondhand ticked round.
Back home, it was time to christen the new cast.
So some things will be easier, namely all things having to do with water. Some things are harder as we absolutely have to get the cast wet every day and rinse water through it to keep her skin clean. Then it must dry for at least an hour before bedtime which means rearranging our nighttime routine. Still no sand and now no wood chips which knocks out a few more parks. We can only get it wet in the pool for 30 minutes at a time so that should be an interesting adventure getting them out of the pool after such a short time. The cast is much lighter and her fingers have more room to move which has made her a very happy girl indeed.

I'm ready for a non-exciting week. Or two. Please.


mommy of 2 said...

Seriously? You really need to catch a break or something. Gee whiz!

Heather H. said...

Ah, Lisa. How is that wine tonight? ;-) There's always good and bad, pros and cons. I really hope this new cast does make life a little easier, even with its extra rules. You could try using the giant blue mitten to cover it so she can play in a park with wood chips. Yeah, I wouldn't try it either. You just DON'T need to end up back in that office until it's time to remove the dang thing!


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