Thursday, June 26, 2014

Yet another glorious day!

I think we have hit our groove with this summer vacation thing. The keys are:

1. No absolute deadline to be on time anywhere.
2. A good mix of outdoor activity combined with food, water and clean bathrooms.
3. Knowing when everyone is about to hit the wall so you can either take a break or head for home.

Today was another repeat of yesterday for the most part. We did need to be at Len's office around lunchtime in order to sign and notarize our wills, living wills, etc. but otherwise the day was free. The girls and I caught the commuter train around 11 for the 15 minute ride into the city.
A couple of Len's coworkers and a notary watched us sign our paperwork, they did the same and soon enough it was time for lunch. A few more of Len's coworkers stopped by as we were eating much to the girls' delight and then it was time for him to get back to work. We decided to take the water taxi down to Chinatown since A. the water taxi pickup was just a block away and B. Kate has been asking for some workbooks to do over the summer break. She specifically wanted math and if it was in both Chinese and English that would be best. Not that she's particular or anything.

So off we went down the Chicago River for the 20 minute ride to Chinatown.

It was about a 5-10 minute walk from the river to the shops. We stopped for bubble tea since we were all thirsty.
Lychee fruit for the girls, mango for mama!
We then headed off to the bookstore to see what we could find. Once the shopkeeper heard Kate and Lucy counting in Chinese and I said a few things in Chinese as well, I think she thought we were more fluent than we were and she started speaking only in Chinese to us! I told her we were all learning so just knew a little. I told her what I was looking for and she recommended these workbooks for children.
It comes with a cd of songs that are in the book as well. The only thing that made them better were the stickers in the back. Sold! As we were leaving, the lady said "Thank you for coming in and hope to see you again" in Chinese and, without missing a beat, Kate responded to her (also in Chinese), "You're welcome. Bye!"

We got to the dock about 10 minutes early so the girls played around under the pagoda and on the rocks for a bit.

Back on the taxi we headed towards the city.
We decided to take the taxi up to Michigan Ave but we had to switch to a larger boat. Lucy was not thrilled with the louder horn.
The Boeing building.

The clouds were in and out all day, bringing at least a 5-10 degree drop in air temperature each time the clouds misted in from the lake and covered the buildings.

We got back in time to walk for a bit down the riverfront, wave at the tour boats and use the bathrooms back in Len's building while we waited for Len to get off work.

Back on the train!
 Kate showing off the 2 nickels she found.
We rounded out the evening with takeout Vietnamese food and cuddling on the couch before the bedtime routine. I'm beat and headed for the bath myself. These are the days that I wish I were 20 years younger...my feet hurt!


mommy of 2 said...

Ahhh...city life. So glad you three were able to flex your Chinese language muscles at the bookstore. :)

Elizabeth said...

So glad you are able to get out and enjoy the summer despite the cast. Hope you keep having wonderful days!


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