Wednesday, July 23, 2014

And now a splint (and a much-needed break)

Ha ha! Get it? Break? I amuse myself sometimes...see the end of this post about the much-needed break.

Six weeks have passed since I saw my daughter fall 7' and land with a sickening thud on the ground, breaking her arm in the process. I still flinch when a snapshot of that day passes through my head. Fortunately, young bones heal. Unfortunately, they don't always look pretty in the process. Lucy's cast came off today and the doctor did warn me that her arm would still look crooked and will stay that way until she "grows out of it" and it straightens. He recommended we keep it in a splint for at least 2 more weeks as it is still quite fragile and tender. We go back in 6 weeks for a followup just to be sure all is still going well.

In the meantime, shouts of "SAM!" rang out as Lucy and Kate spotted him in the hallway. He quickly set to work removing Lucy's cast.

You can see that it is still bent right below her wrist. That is where the bones are trying to grow back together.

Next up were x-rays. Kate was delighted to stand behind the wall with the x-ray tech and watch the pictures pop up on the screen while I stood in the room with Lucy and held her arm straight. Although it still looks pretty broken to me, the doc said it looks great with lots of new bone growth.
This angle shows where the bend occurs in her arm, causing it to still look a bit broken.

Lucy, ever the smiley trooper, was thrilled to have a splint. She was afraid to not have anything on it as it is still quite tender (and the skin is pretty sensitive too since it was 6 weeks in a cast) so the splint gives her a sense of security.
Kate was just happy to be having lunch!
Now for a bit of blog housekeeping: we are long overdue for a vacation around here so we are headed to FL for a bit. Len will be with us some of the time but alas, still has to work so will be back and forth unfortunately. As for the blog, I am taking a break from writing while I'm gone. That means that the Heart and Love Letters that are due in August will not be written (gasp!). I am torn b/c it will be the FIRST time I have completely missed a month. But honestly, I need a break from the internet. With that in mind, not only will the blog be neglected but FB and email will be as well. My brain and soul need to slow down and I find that constant scrolling through FB, email and blog rolls only distract from that.

I will return, hopefully refreshed and full of new stories, at the end of August. Enjoy your summer!


Heather H. said...

I will miss hearing from you and seeing your girls, but completely understand your decision. Have a great vacation!!!

Elizabeth said...

I will miss all your news, activities and adventures. You write so well and it is always interesting to hear what you are up to. Glad to hear Lucy's arm is on the mend. Have a wonderful time in Florida, rest, relax and enjoy special time with your family and friends. Look forward to hearing from you when you get back.


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