Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Heart Letter, Month 55

Dear Lucy,

You are 55 months old today
and what a month it has been. I'm going to cut to the chase and just go straight for the big story this month: your broken arm.
Long ago, Ms. Sara and I used to joke about which of our children would be the first to break a bone: you or Lina. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A JOKE, NOT A CHALLENGE. I have to say that I think you have weathered the broken bone much better than I have. I am still re-living the 7 foot drop from the top of the monkey bars, a sort of Playground PTSD that occurs every night as I try to go to sleep.

Of course it happened on the very first day of summer vacation (go big or go home amiright?). You fell on your right side and I still think we were lucky that you only got away with a broken arm. I was so worried about concussion or internal bleeding, even now when I re-hear the sound of your body hitting the ground, I realize how lucky we were.

In true Lucy fashion, you did not let an arm cast hold you back. You were game to try out the waterproof cast cover (which was a complete fail btw).

Fortunately, your arm was stable enough to remove your soggy cast and put on a waterproof cast.

We've had a lot of adventures this month but before we get to those, let us acknowledge a huge milestone. You finished your very first year of preschool! You were unimpressed. "Yawn. Mommy, do you really need a picture right now??"  YES, YOU WILL THANK ME ONE DAY. (Even if you are yawing and Kate is sticking out her tongue trying to recover from her crying jag mourning the last day of school.)
We did manage to get in one pool day before the Day of the Broken Arm. You and Kate had a blast, spending most of your time on the slide.

As much as you fight it me, you still really need a nap every single day. You managed to fall fast asleep in the middle of the action at the pool under a blazing sun, sleeping for nearly an hour.
I really hope you learn to trust what your body tells you. Rest when you need to. Eat until you are full. When someone makes you uncomfortable, trust that instinct and keep your guard up. Don't run with the pack if they are doing something you know is wrong. Conversely, when you find a true friend,let them in and allow the relationship to grow. Believe in yourself.

One of the things that broke my heart after you broke your arm was when you said, "I'm sorry mommy. I won't ever climb the monkey bars again." Do you remember what I said to you? I told you, "You most certainly will climb again. You will not let those monkey bars scare you or keep you from doing what you love. We will start on some lower bars and then when you are stronger and a bit older and more confident, you can try the taller bars again. You do not need to apologize for this...this was an accident and it could happen to anyone."

I still stand by that. Sometimes accidents happen but never let that keep you from doing what you love.

Some other things that you have loved this month:

Strawberry picking (and eating):

Amusement rides:
Making butter:

Riding the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier:
Having lychee bubble tea in Chinatown:
Riding the Chicago River Water Taxi:

 Choosing a Build-a-Bear using your gift certificate from Ms. Julie:
Trying to climb rocks with your broken arm....yes, I did make you stop. You at least need to heal first!
Your sister has learned to float on her back in the water. You, too, want to be able to do it and you can when you allow yourself to relax...
but then you panic (literally, there were mere seconds between these two photos) and lose patience with the whole endeavor because why would anyone want to just LAY THERE when you could be SWIMMING??
And that defines you. Perpetual motion. Even when sitting and reading, a part of your body is always moving. Did you know that I am like that too? I remember that I used to drive one of my boyfriends crazy because I just could not stop twitching my legs in the movie theatre or sitting next to him in class. Your father will attest that this has not changed.

We may not be genetically related but we share many of the same personality traits. We're both stubborn, like to be right, insist on having the last word, and have trouble sitting still. But we also both like to make people laugh, make friends easily, love to explore new places and can find the fun in most anything we do.

And we both also like ice cream sundaes! Sometimes the cherry on top is all the happiness you need.

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