Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mama/Daughter dates

I don't know if other parents with children close in age or of the same sex have this problem but it is HUGE in our house: a deep and urgent need to HAVE everything and DO everything that the other sibling is doing. I know I felt it as a kid with my brother even though we were 7 years apart in age and there was no way equality could reign supreme. I think in some ways it is easier to at least explain to children when there is an age difference (which doesn't mean they will take it any better tho!). With two children who are basically twins, carving out individual time and attention becomes harder and is met with more opposition (at least by the one who is "left behind").

It had been a while since I've had any alone time with just one of my daughters so I carved out a morning for the past two weekends for just that purpose. It was Kate's turn last week and she had been talking about it for a week...."I'm going to brunch with Mama!!!"....to anyone who would listen.

As soon as she woke up Sunday it was all she could talk about. We ended up at Julius Meinl on Southport which also happened to coincide with a street festival!

So after brunch we walked through the festival and hit the kid's play area. She jumped on the bungee.
And insisted that she would like being in a giant hamster ball set on water...I was dubious but let her try it.

 They push you in rather unceremoniously!
She didn't have as much fun as she thought she would...she got out as soon as the video was turned off.
Bubble girl from Lisa on Vimeo.

She had the most fun in the bumper boat!

Lucy's turn was today and she was equally excited. We went to Marmalade this time.

She polished off two glasses of OJ, 2 pieces of bacon and almost three pancakes!
There wasn't a festival unfortunately but she's always game for shopping so we ran some errands which suited her just fine.

It's amazing how easy shopping is with only one kid. I never realized this when it was just Kate!

We definitely need to do more of this. The girls are each so different and it's nice to get them away from each other, to focus all of your attention on just one child. It's almost like I could see them grow right in front of me.

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