Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pediatric Sleep Apnea

I initially went to our pediatric dentist because he was on our daughter's cleft team at Chicago Children's. As we've worked with him over the past almost 3 years, we've seen great improvement in Lucy's jaw and in her sleep. She is not nearly as active a sleeper, she doesn't fall out of bed anymore, she no longer snores, and she seems more rested when she does wake up.

Talking to Dr. Boyd at length at our many visits, we've come to the conclusion that his work in our family does not begin and end at cleft issues. Kate can benefit from his work as well. She looks to have all the issues in her mouth that I had growing up: too small a jaw to hold all of her adult teeth and a high, narrow palate. I now have developed teeth grinding and snoring as an adult which she could develop as well. My teeth grinding, and thus my snoring and quality of sleep, have improved now that I have a mouth piece but Dr. Boyd's research suggests that we have the opportunity to improve both Kate and Lucy's long-term health by using the "mouth jewelry" that I've mentioned in many previous posts.

Here is an interview with Dr. Boyd where he explains the basis of his research and what the long-term effects can be on children.

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