Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Swimming, tea parties and doctor visits

Summer is settling into a vague sort of routine. Swimming all weekend, tea parties, playgrounds, one new place to explore per week followed up by another doctor visit. Isn't that how everyone's summer is going? No? Not the doctor visits? Lucky you.

We enjoyed some mint tea and chocolate Pocky sticks. We are using the tea set Meme and Papa brought for Kate last time they visited.

Fun at the splash pad after swimming all morning. The water was COLD in case that wasn't obvious by their rather stiff demeanor.
Laying on warm towels in the sun felt good!
This morning Lucy and I left the house at 6:45am to have her arm re-xrayed. It's looking so much better but you can still see the break line on the newest picture on the left ("original break is on the right", states Captain Obvious).
Sam got to work sawing off her old cast to put on shorter one so she can start moving her elbow again.

Her skin is pretty friable at the moment.
She chose a blue cast this time (for those of you keeping track, she's been through yellow, pink and orange).
Happy to have more movement in her arm!
We go back in 2 weeks to have the cast removed. She may still need a splint for a few weeks after the cast is removed as the break was pretty god-awful and her arm is still fragile. That means no trampolines, gymnastics, jumping into the pool, or doing anything that may cause her to fall on her arm (bike, skates, running....sigh) for at least another month.

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