Sunday, September 28, 2014


Len signed Lucy up for the Spartan Kids Race in Marseilles, IL and today was the big day for their Daddy/Daughter date. They headed out at 8am and got there in time to watch one kids' race before Lucy's. At this point, she still looked pretty happy to be there.
Never failing to surprise, she burst into tears right at the start line and was too afraid to run it alone so Len had to run right next to her and then step aside when it came to the obstacles. Maybe it was the race itself, or maybe she figured out what the cautionary note below said. Check out the highlighted sentence in the second line.
Apparently this doesn't apply to the Kids' Race, as Len took Lucy out onto the course to race. Notice how clean she looks here, on the first obstacle. Len says it's pure coincidence that Lucy's eyes are closed ...she was pretty focused on getting through each obstacle.
After going over the wall, the next obstacle was climbing through a hole in a wall, which she handled pretty easily.
And crawling under a series of ropes. Unfortunately, Lucy didn't insist that Len accompany her through this one. That would have been a great photo!
 In these next three shots, Lucy is sprinting up a hill. Once she got going, she didn't look back at all...

 ...until she got to the mud. There were five mud hills like the one she's heading toward here. And there were four mud pits like this one. When Lucy hit the first one, she turned to Len & said, "I don't want to go in there!" Remember, this is the kid who said "WOW! We get to go through the mud!" when she saw the video about the race. Once she figured out she should slide down the mud hills like a regular slide, she was fine. Except when her shoe came off in the mud. And when it came off again. And when Len just held onto it after it came off a third time.
 But she made it through the mud, though she doesn't look happy about it here. The only place Lucy doesn't have mud (yet) is in her hair.
The next obstacle was a set of tires to run through. There are no photos of this one, because Len held Lucy's hand and walked her over the tires like a balance beam. Last up was the big wall. Lucy was initially scared of this one because she saw several older kids wipe out pretty severely before she ran. But the volunteers told Lucy how to hold the rope, lean back and walk up the wall. She got over the wall so quickly that Len wasn't able to get a shot of her coming over...she was already there climbing down the slats.
And then the sprint to the finish. The girl in the black shirt had completed the wall before Lucy, but Lucy sprinted past her to get her medal at the finish line.
As Len & Lucy walked back to the car for her clean clothes, Lucy struck a pose with her finisher's medal.
Then, after a "shower" (actually an open area with about a hundred water hoses with nozzles) and some lunch, Lucy was ready to give a Spartan yell and show off her muscles.
She put those muscles to the test (again) with the rope climbing station, the pull-up bar and the weighted ropes workout. And on the way to the car to head home, all she could talk about was doing it again next year.
After all of that, she only slept in the car for about 15 minutes of the 90 minute drive home and woke up happy and ready to run again...until she collapsed right after dinner. Bedtime was 6:45pm!

Tomorrow I'll cover Kate's and my more sedate date day. Brunch and shopping!


likeschocolate said...

Yahoo for her completely the race. Good job!

Dr. J said...

AWESOME! Congrats to Len & Lucy, and you're date with Kate looked like a good idea too! :)

Elizabeth A said...

Love it! Her accident from the start of the summer doesn't seem to be slowing her down at all! What a great activity for kids! Congratulations Lucy!!!!


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