Friday, September 12, 2014

Love Letter, Months 55-56

Dear Kate,

You are 56 months old today.
We were in FL last month and, for the first time ever, I missed writing your love letter but you know what??!  You're so lucky! You get TWO letters in ONE! How WONDERFUL is that??

See how I just did that...turned a negative into a positive?  And used lots (!!) of exclamation points and all caps to indicate ENTHUSIASM? Yeah, I'm doing a lot of that lately with you...we're working on our glass 1/2 full outlook. Your pendulum of contentment is swinging wildly this month, mostly I think because we ended vacation and started school. Change has never been something you have embraced (note: speak to your father as that is a paternal inheritance).

Speaking of school, it started this month and you were super excited on your first morning.
You have embraced going to Pre-K 2 for a full day and both you and Lucy seem much happier going for a longer time and being the bigger kids. I was a bit worried when I found out your lead teacher, Xiang lao shi, had moved to the elementary side (again, change not being your strong suit) but you have adapted quite well since Qiong Wei lao shi is now the lead and Yu lao shi as the assistant teacher is super nice. It helped that we went to visit them before school actually started.

Another first this month has been the start of gymnastics for you. You decided you would rather do this than continue with ballet and I must say, you thoroughly enjoyed yourself and talked non-stop about it for the rest of the weekend (but first we had a major skirmish over the required leotard...it ended with you in Lucy's old one because the new one "is going up my crotch and it's itchy!" More on your clothing issues later...)
But let's back up a bit and talk about summer vacation! This year was a bit different in schedule and activities but you didn't care as long as there were grandparents and cousins to play with.

It's almost like I can see the emotional part of your body grow right before my eyes when you are around people who you love and who love you in return. If you could levitate I think sometimes you would float right to the top of the ceiling.
When you weren't cuddled up with someone, you were swimming.

And swimming.

 And more swimming.

And when you weren't swimming, you were riding the waves. Yep, you learned to boogie board this year and you LOVED it!

Your main obsession this summer, though, has been finding money. Even though you repeat what Uncle Tony said, "Don't put your money on the street", I'm just going to go ahead and say that you have amassed almost $10 in coins.

It's really uncanny how much money you find and just as exciting is getting to count it all up every Sunday and have the Daddy-bank pay you interest on your savings. You dutifully sort all your coins into stacks and can now even count by 2s and by 10s.
In addition to your coin collection, you are still very much into collecting other small items that you find pretty and then arranging them into designs as often as you can.

You are always looking...

Shells on top, rocks on bottom, but nicely juxtaposed.
 As is becoming a tradition, I'd like to end this love letter with a few Kate-isms:

I like growing up so I get more possibilities.
Speaking of growing up, here are your stats from your physical this month (with your stats from last year in parenthesis):

Height: 40 1/2" (38 1/4")
Weight:  37 lbs (32 3/4 lbs)
Shoe size: 9-10 (8)
You are still wearing some size 4T clothes but we are moving steadily towards 5T.  Getting dressed every day is an exercise in extreme patience as things are still "too tight", "too loose", "too bunchy", "too scratchy"...in short, if it touches your body in any way but a soft caress, you are miserable. And so is everyone within earshot, all references to Goldilocks notwithstanding.

Kate: Why is everyone smiling at me?
Me: We think you're funny.
Kate: Superheros are not funny.

When climbing onto the mermaid's lap at Weeki Watchee: Mama, that mermaid felt like she had legs...I think she has legs in her fin, tucked up in there.

Me to Daddy: My friend Justin had a baby boy. Maxwell. Max for short.
Daddy: That's nice.
Me: Maxwell Mattice.
Kate: For long.

That last one was too funny. You never cease to amaze me with your verbal prowess and humor. I love listening to you and our mama/daughter dates are some of my favorite times.

You are a very special little girl but I think you know that already. I love you fiercely my little Katie-bug.

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