Monday, September 29, 2014

Princess Ninja

Yesterday while Len and Lucy were at the Spartan race, Kate and I had a decidedly more sedate date. We started the morning out with a mile or so walk to have a breakfast of Swedish pancakes at Svea.

She really wanted to pay the bill so I let her take the money up to the bar and get the change.
On our walk home we discussed what to do with the rest of our day.
She decided that she really wanted to count her money and then take some of it and go to the dollar store. This totally surprised me as up to now she has been a militant saver, amassing over $10 in her piggy bank. I didn't say this though, preferring her to decide when and how to spend her money so she can learn from her experiences. She chose to take a little over $6 with her and off we went on our walk to the store. She chose 6 items (she picked out something for Lucy without me even hinting at it--makes me think that sometimes I am actually doing something right in raising them to think of others!) and we headed to the register.

She counted out her money and was .06 short (damn taxes) so I spotted her and we headed home.
Posing with her loot at home. The bat balloon was what she picked for Lucy. I think the receipt made her the happiest though--it has a place of honor in her keepsake box.
Unfortunately, the princess earrings broke the first time we tried to put them on (you get what you pay for) so after having some lunch and a short rest time, we walked back to the dollar store to exchange them. On our way home we stopped for some ice cream!
 My Princess Ninja--yes, she bought a princess set that included earrings, necklace, bracelet and wand and a Ninja set that had 2 knives and brass knuckles. A girl's gotta look good while fighting bad guys!

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Elizabeth A said...

Looks like another great day was had here! I have to say this is much more my cup of tea! I have a dollar store up the street and it is one of my "go to" places to find things for school. I think you'll find Kate is on the lookout for more money to replenish the piggy bank! Kate, you look good as Princess Ninja!


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