Sunday, September 21, 2014

School work

With 3 weeks of Pre-K 2 under our belts, I am already drowning in art/school work that the girls bring home every Friday. The girls are so excited every Friday afternoon to do show and tell with me and I have to say, it is one of the best times of the week for me as well. I love to get a glimpse into what they've been working on and the stories behind some of their drawings.

With the weather taking a rather Fall-ish turn, they made some pretty trees. This is Lucy's:
 And this is Kate's.
Next up was a cutting/pasting exercise in the shape of an apple. Lucy's ping gua.
And Kate's ping gua.
Lucy's artwork is 3 dimensional most of the time. That girl loves her some scissors and glue. These are binoculars.

And this is a kite.
Kate, as is true of her finicky nature, does not love glue so her work is exclusively drawing. Here she is riding some sort of beast and transporting a pineapple.
Our happy family...someone appears to be missing some arms.
A picture of our house, stairs on the left.
Their school work is drastically different and that is what I love about their school. Although they are at very different levels, they can still be in the same class, working with different activities and classmates. The other thing I've noticed is that they both seem much happier this year than last. I was worried that the longer day would wipe them out but it seems to have invigorated them. Kate is advancing much more quickly with her language skills and Lucy is starting to recognize a few more letters.

Lucy is mostly working on her writing and counting skills. A lot of these papers are accompanied by tactile work with the counting beads.
They are learning the Mandarin characters for numbers/words as well.

And here are some examples of Kate's work:

This sheet is combined with work using the number rods. 
More work with counting beads. Here she is writing out the numbers in English and in Chinese characters.

A new addition this year are these little books that she makes. Kate chooses a box with a sound to work on. Then she matches the labels with words to their corresponding picture. Then she gets her own paper, writes the word and then draws the picture. This one used the vowel sound E.
 And this one used the vowel sound O.
She just informed that she only has one more vowel sound to work on (the letter U) and then she can move up a level.

Kate is working a lot more on reading and writing words. To support that, we finally made some time to answer Yia Yia's pen-pal letters from this summer. This one was written on July 4 and said, "Dear Yia Yia, My favorite thing about summer is finding money. Yes, I like to swim."
And on 9/12 she wrote, "Can you guess my Halloween costume? Kate Love" 
It is so exciting to see how fast they learn and to experience their joy as they discover a new skill. 


Elizabeth said...

Way to go girls! I wish you were both in my class. Too bad you don't live in Vancouver.

Lisa said...

Thanks Elizabeth!


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